Supernatural ran for fifteen seasons and in those 15 years, unbelievable things have happened to the Winchesters. Both Sam and Dean have been through a lot, from being possessed by the angels to traveling to other realms such as heaven. Dean Winchester especially has experienced plenty of bizarre things in his long Supernatural journey. But what is the most weirdest thing that has happened to the character of Dean Winchester on Supernatural?

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Weirdest Things About Dean Winchester’s Body!


While Dean Winchester is a human, but over the course of fifteen seasons, he got the unpleasant opportunity to become something more than a human. In Season 6, Soulless Sam allowed Dean to be turned into a vampire in order to get to the vampire’s nest. Sam knew about the cure that was invented by the Campbell Family which would let Dean revert to human as long as he had not fed on human blood. In Season 9 finale, Dean Winchester is mortally wounded by Metatron and he passes away in the arms of Sam. His brother tries all possible ways to bring back Dean to life. Even trying to strike a deal with a demon. As Dean had the Mark of Cain, the mark brought back Dean, but he reawakened as a Knight of Hell. Sam would eventually cure Dean using the demon curing ritual even though Dean had lost all hopes. He was also turned into a Jefferson Starship, but he managed to be cured in time.


While Dean Winchester has a wonderful body that many could only dream of. But his body has been through strange transformations over the course of fifteen seasons. Dean Winchester body has aged both back and forth. We have seen him turn into a young 14-year old due to a witch’s spell. Also, when Dean lost his years in a Poker match, he turned into an elderly man. He is perhaps the only character to have lost and gained years in the Supernatural.

The character of Dean Winchester has been portrayed by seven different actors. While Chad Everett played the older version of Dean Winchester, the younger version was played by Dylan Everett.

Another interesting fact about Dean’s body is that it has housed millions of souls. In Season 11, when Chuck and team’s plan to take down Amara failed. The last resort was to pack Dean’s body with hundreds of souls provided by Billie to end Amara. Luckily, Dean managed to talk Amara out of destroying the universe without needing the use of the soul bomb.

Dean Winchester has also been the bearer of the Mark of Cain. It takes only a special human to be able to take up the mark. In order to take down Abaddon, Dean required to wield the first blade which forced him to get the mark of Cain. But the Mark had some terrible effects, it turned Dean Winchester into a killing machine.


Dean’s travel adventures involving traveling to the otherwordly realms such as heaven, hell, purgatory, and fairy realm. He is the only person to have traveled all these realms. Interestingly, his travel adventures also involve traveling to the past and the future. He has been to the past five times, visiting his parents twice in the 1970s and going back to 1800s to retrieve the ashes of a phoenix, and in 1940s to retrieve the hand of God. While Dean has traveled to an alternate future time in 2014 where the Croatoan virus has been released.


Out of any character, Dean Winchester holds the strange record of meeting his demise the most number of times and also being resurrected the most number of times. The list of all the possible ways through which Dean met his demise is pretty extensive. In Season 1 finale, he was involved in an accident, the Reaper Tessa almost took him away, but John’s deal with Azazel saved Dean. Season 3 episode ‘Mystery Spot’ involved Dean meeting his demise nearly 100 times in the most weirdest and creative ways. Sam eventually discovered that it was Trickster (AKA Gabriel) behind the happening.

In Season 3 finale, Dean is dragged to the underworld by hellhounds, but is raised from the hell by Castiel a few months later. In Season 9 finale, Dean is wounded by Metatron which resurrected him as a demon. There have been instances when Dean Winchester purposely chose to end himself with the intention of contacting the Ripper or Death. Dean’s final demise came in the episode ‘Carry On’ where while battling the vampires he was seriously injured and passed away. What is ironic is that Dean has always been an expert hunter of vampires, he has single-handedly eliminated nests of vampires plenty of times. But in the end, it was a vampire that became the reason of his end.


Dean Winchester is a skilled fighter who can use anything at his disposal when it comes to fighting. But what’s amazing is that he managed to wield some of the powerful and celestial weapons such as the angel blade, first blade, scythe of death, and the colt among the other things. Not only did he wield these tools, but he managed to eliminate some of the powerful beings such as Death who was a primordial entity, he managed to eliminate Abaddon who was a Knight of Hell, and Azazel who was a Prince of Hell. We have seen Dean Winchester being aversive to cats and dogs in the earlier episodes, but when he acquires the ability to communicate with the animals. During this time, he develops a bond with the dog named Colonel which eventually changes his perception about the dogs. In final season, he gets a dog called Miracle and can be seen quite happy in the company of Miracle. Season 13 saw Dean being possessed by the AU Michael, but he used his strong will and determination to help break free of the captivity of Michael. Only the Winchesters have been able to break free of the hold of an archangel.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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