Sadly, Outlander season six is now over – and fans have to once again endure Droughtlander as we wait for them to finish season 7.

So, what should we do to pass the time and get through? Well, it appears the cast of the hit show have their own ideas on how to cope.

In a hilarious video posted on social media, the Outlander team posed the question to stars like Richard Rankin (Roger MacKenzie), Sam Hueghan (Jamie Fraser) and Sophie Skelton (Bree MacKenzie).

And it turns out they had some fun (and some not altogether serious – looking at you Richard) answers.


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Richard Rankin was up first, his idea? Just re-watch Outlander.

He joked that “skipping all the Jamie parts” will save you time too.

While a more serious response was given by Sam.

“The best place to go would be to go back to the books, binge as much Outlander as you can.”

Failing that, he added, you should engage in his own favourite pastime and go and “climb a mountain”.

Sophie Skelton added that fans should pour themselves a whisky – maybe Sam’s Sassenach? – and just watch from season 1 over again.

We could get behind that.

Fan favourite Dave Berry (Lord John Grey) even joked that the show is better the third or fourth time of watching.

Alexander Vlahos, who plays Allan Christie fans have really taken a shine to (though perhaps not his character), suggested fans could enjoy some of the other projects that the newer cast members are working on.

While his on-screen sister Jessica Reynolds (Malva Christie) suggested composing a song or creating an Outlander Collage.

And the usually stoic on-screen Mark Lewis, who plays patriarch Tom Christie, showed his lighter side by making a joke at the expense of his character adding: “Learn passages of the Bible.”

John Bell, who plays Young Ian, kept it succinct: “Follow me on TikTok, that’s what you should do.”


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