Outlander fans are curious to know more about Jamie Fraser’s ghost after a teaser for season seven previously tapped into the Highlander’s dreams of the future.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of Outlander and the novels
Outlander season seven will premiere in a couple of months after Starz confirmed a June 16 premiere date. Prior to this, fans were given a little taster of the forthcoming run, which will be adaptating material from Diana Gabaldon’s An Echo in the Bone and A Breath of Snow and Ashes. In a short teaser, Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) spoke to his wife Claire (Caitríona Balfe) about his dreams where he seemed to see electric lights.

Does Jamie’s ghost appear to other people in Outlander?
Jamie’s dreams and indeed his ghost are likely to have a part to play in the forthcoming series of Outlander with fans wondering about how these relate to the Highlander’s time travelling abilities.

Unlike Claire, his daughter Brianna MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin), Jamie can’t travel through time because he lacks the hereditary ability to do so.

But it appears, Jamie can astral project into the future after Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) happened upon him in 1940s Inverness right at the beginning of the story.

Author Gabaldon has confirmed the final scene of the final Outlander novel will feature Jamie’s ghost meeting Claire in the future.

Although it’s not clear what sort of interaction the pair will have, there have been fan theories the pair will have a conversation, which means Jamie would be directly communicating with Claire from the past rather than just a passive appearance as a spectre.

Moreover, the Outlander writer has suggested Jamie’s ghost will be 25 when he encounters Claire in the future.

This would be when he was fighting in Culloden and nearly died and may have travelled through time while unconscious.

So, yes, Jamie’s ghost can appear to other people and it wasn’t just a one-off appearance.

Nonetheless, Jamie’s abilities haven’t been explained fully but it seems his dreams will also be an important part of how he sees the future.

Through his dreams and in his unconscious states, Jamie seems to be able to travel through time, or at the very least, he has a form of precognition.

For instance, in season four, Jamie dreamt of kissing Brianna’s birthmark when she was a baby, despite never meeting her as an infant.

Outlander fans have previously discussed Jamie’s dreams and his ghost with one Reddit user called mesashimi saying: ”I just watched the episode where Jamie dreams of kissing Brianna’s birth mark for the first time, and when Claire confirmed it was the same shape and location as it was in Jamie’s dream, I started wondering if Jamie has some sort of precognition. I haven’t gotten past season four, episode six; I’m a few chapters in book four.

“The only other instance I have at the top of my head was when he dreamed about Claire in Ardsmuir in book three and he said ‘give me your mouth.’ Then this was a line he actually said in their reunion when he tells her ‘give me your mouth, Sassenach.’

“When I watched A. Malcolm, I thought this was simply a full circle moment. But after knowing that Jamie dreamt of kissing Brianna’s birth mark, which apparently he ends up doing later on… it now makes me think that the prison dream was a moment of clairvoyance.”

While Redditor YOYOitsMEDRup said: “I was reminded recently that in book one he dreams of her being lost in the woods and can’t find her – that happens in Drums .

“If he can dream about that when it doesn’t happen for 20+ years, it made me think he could’ve dreamed stuff before knowing her! Could be possible. Yes it seems like it is like ESP or clairvoyance.”

User Ipiripinapa said: “I think it’s very possible because we know already about one of Jamie’s dreams about Claire but we don’t know for sure that wasn’t an old dream (like you said, from before they’ve met), right?

“What if he just remembered it when he told her about it or had it again (some dreams can be recurring) and didn’t mention that it’s an older dream.”

In the novels, Jamie dreams of his grandchildren Jemmy and Mandy, who are in the future now after Brianna and Roger returned to the 20th century.

In An Echo in the Bone specifically, Jemmy says his younger sister Mandy is talking to her grandfather in the garden, which leaves Brianna wondering if Jamie has travelled to the future.

Mandy is a toddler at this point but Brianna wonders if her daughter is just babbling away or if she really is interacting with Jamie.

Could Jamie be dreaming at the moment he meets Mandy? Later in An Echo in the Bone, Jamie does tell Claire: “I saw Jem and the wee lass—A smile came over his face at that.

“God, she’s a feisty wee baggage! She minds me o’ you, Sassenach.”

But it’s not clear whether he is actively engaging with Jemmy and Mandy or simply just watching them.

This means these dreams might not be connected with his ghost but Jamie clearly has some sort of abilities of his own.

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