The seventh season of Outlander is here. Fans are thrust back into the world of Jamie Fraser and his love, Claire, as they face the dangers of 1776 America. Just as in the book series that inspired the show, the seventh season of Outlander is expected to continue the trend of Jamie and Claire saving each other from near-death situations.

Jamie has saved Claire several times and uses his sense of protection as a way to show his love for her. Whether he is saving her from British soldiers or from being punished by townspeople who see her as an outsider, Jamie will always protect Claire. The seventh season will make fans love Jamie Fraser even more.

8 Jamie Makes Claire His Wife
S1, E7, “The Wedding”
The villains in Outlander are relentless. Black Jack Randall is so determined that Jamie sees the only way to save Claire from him is to marry her. As her legal protector and a Scott, Jamie can stop other men from trying to hurt Claire and give himself peace of mind.

7 Claire Saves Herself
S1, E8, “Both Sides Now”
When the clan experiences a robbery, it becomes clear to Jamie that Claire needs to learn how to protect herself. Jamie nominates a fellow clansman to teach Claire how to use a knife, which comes in handy faster than anyone would expect. While having a romantic moment, the British stumble upon Claire and Jamie and look to assault and kill them.

6 Jamie Faces His Greatest Adversary
S1, E9, “The Reckoning”
After making his way to Fort William, Jamie saves Claire from Black Jack Randall. Even though he knows he is putting himself in danger by being in the presence of the man who wants nothing more than to hold him prisoner, Jamie shows how deeply he feels for Claire. It also highlights how his sense of protection outweighs his self-preservation.rious way than she had before because she knows how hard it was for Jamie to face off with Randall.

5 Jamie’s Sacrifice
S1, E15, “Wentworth Prison”
In what may be his most significant act of love and sacrifice, Jamie agrees to be Black Jack’s prisoner to keep him from torturing Claire. By giving himself up, Jamie shows that he would rather endure pain and suffering every day until he dies than think about Claire suffering the same fate. Episode 15 defines much of Claire and Jamie’s relationship.

4 Jamie Stops a Witch Trial
S1, E11, “The Devil’s Mark”
Outlander thrives on romance tropes, especially regarding Jamie’s heroics. As the protective husband he is, Jamie doesn’t let anyone touch Claire without feeling his rage. When Claire is put on trial for being a witch, she is humiliated and punished in front of the entire village.

3 A Sign of the Times
S3, E12, “The Bakra”
As one of the best couples in Outlander, Jamie and Claire get one another out of confrontations that could be disastrous. Claire gets into an argument at a slave market in Jamaica while she and Jamie try to find Young Ian. Claire’s aversion to practices of the past makes her stand out and often puts her in danger.

2 Jamie Saves Claire From Captivity
S3, E13, “Eye Of The Storm”
Geillis proves to be a thorn in Claire’s side when she is captured at Geillis’s house. Once again, set on a rescue mission, Jamie has to free Claire from where she is being held. This is reminiscent of the first time he rescued her from Captain Randall.

1 Jamie Gets Claire Back
S5, E12, “Never My Love”
Outlander tries to be historically accurate, especially when showing the treatment of women and minority groups. This is highlighted every time Claire is taken hostage. After being abducted by Lionel Brown, Claire is treated brutally and has to fantasize about an imaginary life in the 1960s with Jamie to cope. This keeps her mind off the constant danger she is in.


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