Season 6 of Outlander is well underway, and while viewers are thrilled that the epic romance drama is back, one eagle-eyed fan has revealed that they had spotted a major filming mistake in one of the new episodes – and now we can’t unsee it!

Towards the end of the opening episode, Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser is forced to flog Allan Christie, played by Alexander Vlahos, in front of the residents of Fraser’s Ridge for stealing a powder horn from Richard Brown’s men. After he dolls out ten lashes to Allan, the camera lingers on Jamie as he considers what he has been forced to do to keep the peace between his community and the militia, and it’s at this point where a huge gaffe can be seen.

In the background of the shot, a mounted camera is visible. Sharing a screengrab of the moment, a Reddit user by the name of New_Passion_4604 wrote: “At first I wasn’t sure and thought it may be a tree or branch, but after taking look at some behind the scenes footage of Outlander, I saw that they use camera equipment that looks just like the figure.”

What’s more, Chris Larkin, the actor who portrays Richard, can also be seen and while he’s out of focus, as the Redditter pointed out, it appears that he is smiling or laughing, perhaps “not realizing he was on camera”. Given that the scene is a very serious and solemn one, it seems unlikely that Richard would have been widely grinning through Allan’s flogging, no matter how much enjoyment he got out of it.

Reacting to the post, one fellow Outlander fan said: “Wow I would have never caught that!”

Another wrote: “As an editor myself, I just know whoever had to use that footage was shaking their head! It happens, unfortunately,” to which someone else replied: “Same. I immediately sighed when I saw this post and was like, ‘Well, probably the best take.'”

A fourth joked: “At least, it’s not like some of the gaffs that happened on Game of Thrones like visible Starbucks cups or water bottles…”

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