Outlander fans have worked out huge season 6 storyline

Outlander viewers think that they have already worked out that a key moment from the books will be featured in season six thanks to the first look photos from the upcoming series.

One of the four photos that fans were treated to show Roger looking furious while cradling a baby in a river, and keen fans have pointed out that this could well be the moment from the books where he saves Fergus and Marsali’s son Henri-Christian from the river after some children take him and float him down the river in a basket. One person wrote: “I’m thinking baby in a basket in the creek. Roger looks upset.”

Another added: “Wait! Rescuing Henry Christian from the basket the horrible boys floated down the stream?!” A third person wrote: “I saw this on the official OL Facebook page and book readers on there were saying it’s when Roger has to rescue Henri-Christian from the river where some boys had dumped him.”

In the books, Fergus and Marsali go through a difficult time when their fourth child, Henri-Christian is born with dwarfism. While both adore their newborn son, his arrival is met with a cruel reaction from some of the townspeople.

Fergus is in so much despair over his son’s future, and at his own helplessness at protecting him, that he tries to kill himself, but is stopped at the last moment by Jamie. In a behind-the-scenes clip, Jamie can be seen comforting a devastated Fergus in the forest, hinting that this moment from the book could well be portrayed in the popular series.

Source: hellomagazine.com

Ivaylo Angelov
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