While fans wait for the forthcoming ninth novel in Diana Gabaldon’s series, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, many have speculated about the anticipated ending for the time-traveling, historical romance series. Will Claire and Jamie get a happy ending, or are fans in for some tears and surprises?

Whatever happens in the series finale — which will occur in the 10th book, according to Gabaldon — fans will likely see it play out in the popular Starz adaptation as well. Fan theories abound regarding the fate of these characters. Here are some of the most plausible.

What We Know
The is lagging behind Gabaldon’s books, with the announced sixth season of the series set to be based on the sixth book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Meanwhile, the eighth book in the series, , was released in 2014. The ninth book is , though the pandemic has prevented an official release date.

While fans don’t have a set date for the ninth book, they do know to expect at least one more book after that. Gabaldon planned the series to be 10 books, which she has confirmed . Gabaldon writes on her website that she thinks the time-traveling book series will end in 1800. “The last book will have a happy ending,” she writes, “though I confidently expect it to leave the readers in floods of tears anyway.”

Theory: Jamie and Claire Both Die
If both Jamie and Claire die in the finale — but are laid to rest together — it would fit the billing of a “happy ending” that would leave the readers “in floods of tears.” Some readers just can’t envision the series ending in anything other than the couple dying, though their deaths don’t have to be completely devastating.

Perhaps the couple will die natural deaths from old age and be laid to rest, like the couple they found in the cave in France. Or maybe, the story will take them to the French Revolution, where they die heroically together. Having the series end with Jamie and Claire’s deaths would give a definite ending to their story — and leave Gabaldon open to exploring other stories, rather than being persuaded to continue this one.

Theory: Jamie Dies, Claire Lives and Travels
Another fan theory is that Jamie dies by the series ending, but Claire doesn’t. Many fans think Jamie dies first, due to the . Gabaldon confirms on her website that the ghost Frank sees in the first book is indeed Jamie, but she said how this fits into the epic saga will be fully explained in the final book.

Given Jamie’s past, some believe he will die the way he lived and go down a hero. This could fit the bill of a bittersweet ending, with Claire perhaps left with happy memories of Jamie and his heroism. This ending is certainly not outside of the realm of possibility, as Jamie is certainly no stranger to near-death experiences. Some fans speculate Claire will never go back through the stones, regardless, and will live out her days in the past.

Theory: Jamie Dies, Claire Lives and Returns
Another theory suggests Jamie will die before Claire and she will go back through the stones to live out her final days in her original timeline. It seems highly unlikely Claire would ever do this if Jamie was still alive, so perhaps his early death will lead to this change for her.

However, since Gabaldon said the story will likely end in 1800, this supports the theory that there isn’t any more on the table for Claire.

Theory: Jamie and Claire Both Live
The most traditional happy ending theory sees Jamie and Claire remaining in the 1800s and ending the series alive. The presence of Jamie’s ghost would therefore have to be given a more creative explanation. Perhaps the ending of the series will see the two of them sitting on their porch and settled down, though some fans might be disappointed by the lack of drama. Still, it would be satisfying to see the couple happily living out their golden years on Fraser’s Ridge.

Some fans, however, think ending the series with the couple alive will be unlikely because of how long the time jump was when Claire went back to Frank. Separating the couple for two decades aged them considerably, meaning their story will need to be drawn to a definite end at some point, because they will be too old for more escapades.

By Damyan Ivanov

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