There are a lot of intricate details in the world of Outlander. As new people join the fandom, there ends up being a lot of questions. One is the number of biological children Jamie Fraser has.

There are a lot of questions when it comes to the world of Outlander. There’s plenty going on throughout the books, and new fans can end up a little confused. It’s no wonder there are questions that long-time fans will think are easy or pointless to ask. We don’t judge here!

Instead, we help you understand more of the story. That includes just how many biological children Jamie Fraser has.

Jamie Fraser has three children in Outlander
Yes, Jamie has three children. Only two are in the story, but there is a third who cannot be forgotten about. Jamie and Claire had a child, who Mother Hildegarde called Faith. This baby was stillborn, and Mother Hildegarde wasn’t supposed to baptize her, but needed to do her part to allow Faith to lay to rest.

After that, the two had Brianna. Claire promised Jamie to name their child Brian, after his father, as he encouraged her to go back to her own time before the Battle of Culloden. She had a daughter rather than a son but did stick to the agreement to name her after Brian.

While Claire and Jamie were separated, Jamie was paroled as a groom at Helwater. He ended up sleeping with Geneva and the two had a child together. Geneva died giving birth to their baby, a son who was called William. Jamie stayed around for as long as he could, but he needed to leave Helwater as his and William’s resemblance was getting clearer.

What about Malva’s baby? That was definitely not Jamie’s. He did not have an affair, and it turned out that the father of Malva’s baby was Allan Christie.


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