Don’t expect to see Marsali and Fergus to return in Outlander Season 7B. Maril Davis has a disappointing update, and it leads to a lot of questions.

When Lauren Lyle couldn’t answer if she would be in Outlander Season 7 or not, we hoped that it was just to avoid some major spoilers. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Maril Davis has confirmed that neither Fergus or Marsali will be in Outlander Season 7B.

Lyle and her costar Cesar Domboy were busy with other projects when Outlander Season 7B was filming, according to Davis. She and the other producers had a discussion with the two actors about their characters’ storylines.

How will Claire come back to America in Outlander Season 7B?

Of course, this leads to a big question about Claire’s return to America. Those who have read the books know that Marsali is the reason for Claire’s return. Well, sort of. Marsali writes to Laoghaire about health problems with Henri-Christian. Laoghaire begs Claire to save her grandson and even makes a deal to release Jamie from his financial liabilities in return for that, not realizing that Claire would have always gone to save Henri-Christian.

That’s what takes Claire and Young Ian back across the ocean without Jamie. Jamie has to stay in Scotland for other reasons, with a promise that he will return at a later date.

Without Marsali and Fergus, how will Claire’s journey back to America be written into Outlander Season 7B? After all, we’re assuming this does happen based on some leaked photos of Jamie and Lord John Grey fighting in Philadelphia. We also know that Liverpool was used as Philadelphia, and those moments are still to come.

It is possible that the letter can still happen. There’s no need to see Claire save Henri-Christian. We can just know that she needs to go back for him and assume that it happens off-screen. It wouldn’t be the first time something happened off-screen, such as Mandy’s life-saving surgery.

Will Marsali and Fergus return for Outlander Season 8? That remains to be seen, but hopefully, we’ll see them one more time.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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