It seems the trials and tribulations for the Fraser’s Ridge clan are set to continue this week as the Revolutionary War makes its presence felt.

The latest preview for episode four of Outlander’s season six has just dropped and it appears the Native American tribes will once again feature heavily as Jamie struggles in his role as the British Government’s Indian agent with his knowledge of the future.

Dubbed Hour of the Wolf, the fourth episode, which airs on the Starz Play app on Sunday, will see challenges for our favourite Highland warrior, as well as his nephew, Young Ian.

The synopsis reads: “While visiting the Cherokee, Ian encounters a man from his past who dredges up painful memories of his time with the Mohawk.

“Jamie meets an Indian Agent who challenges his convictions, causing him to re-evaluate.”

The clip shows Jamie and Young Ian delivering the promised guns to the Cherokee after Bree informs him that 8,000 of them will die in the coming conflict.

However, when they arrive Ian is confronted by a face from his past and does not seem happy about it.

Are more of the secrets of Ian’s life with the Mohawk about to be exposed?

Elsewhere, it seems Josiah (or is that Kezzie?) are helping to participate in Claire’s continuing experiments with ether, while Malva, her apprentice, is still throwing her father’s accusations of witchcraft around.

It’s a powder keg that is sure to blow at some point but who will be the spark?


By Damyan Ivanov

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