Outlander fans have been pondering the strange appearance of Jamie Fraser’s ghost since the first season, and a convincing new theory could finally provide an explanation.

The mysterious appearance of Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) in 1945 has haunted fans since the beginning of Outlander in 2014. Over six years later and the Starz series still hasn’t provided a satisfying answer, though one viewer believes they’ve finally found the clues they’ve been looking for.

A convincing new fan theory could finally solve one of Outlander’s biggest mysteries.

After walking home in the rain in 1945, Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) confronts a young man looking into the window at his wife, Claire (Caitriona Balfe).

When he asks if he can help the strange figure, he promptly turns round and seems to disappear into the night.

The ghostly watcher obviously bears a striking resemblance to Jamie Fraser, Claire’s Highlander husband once she travels through the stones at Craigh Na Dun.

However, since Jamie has proven he doesn’t share Claire’s ability to cross into different timestreams, his apparent appearance in the 20th Century remains a baffling conundrum.

Now, one fan has carefully pieced together some clues from Outlander’s thrilling debut season and may have provided an answer.

They took their theory to Reddit, and proposed that Claire and Jamie’s souls could be magically linked.

User stancurator posted: “So we know Jamie’s ghost is around 25 when he appears in 1945 which most people think is the age he was at Culloden.”

“I think that the ghost is part of a continuous loop that he and Claire live through. But the loop revolves around what happens to Jamie in the battle.”

This theory suggests that Jamie’s unexplained appearance in 1945 could be some sort of by-product caused by a fractured timeline during the Battle of Culloden.

Although Jamie survived the horrific events of 1746, other Highlanders of the Jacobite resistance weren’t so lucky.

Had Jamie not managed to escape the battle unscathed, this fan suggested, his soul could have journeyed across time and space to call Claire back through the stones and ensure his survival.

The fan explained: “If he survives, the story proceeds as we know it.

“If he dies, his soul is sent to Claire in order to call her back to him- in essence, resetting their lives together when she comes through the stones.”

While the concept of interlinking souls throughout the ages may seem far-fetched, Outlander already has its feet firmly planted in the supernatural.

Moreover, Jamie and Claire’s relationship has already demonstrated itself as a romance of truly epic proportions, so it would certainly make sense that their souls have been destined to find each other this whole time.

Plus, some key lines of dialogue from Jamie in the first season may attempt to explain why they feel such a powerful connection to one another.

Perhaps most convincingly, the post noted: “Jamie specifically says that their love is greater than death. So, if he dies, he will find her to start their love again.”

With a sixth and seventh season on the way, and author Diana Gabaldon set to release the ninth book in the original series this year, the mystery sadly isn’t expected to be solved any time soon.

However, as newcomers and diehard fans alike start to piece together the clues, this latest theory may have brought viewers one step closer to answering one of Outlander’s biggest questions.

Outlander is available to watch on STARZ.

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By Ivaylo Angelov

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