With just over two weeks to go until Outlander returns to our screens, the showrunners are pulling out the stops to get fans excited.

Following the recent glimpse of Bree and Roger reacting to news of the Boston Tea Party they’ve just revealed yet another teaser.

Titled “Get ready for some new faces on the Ridge”, the new clip gives another glimpse at some of the new faces who will be joining the cast for the new season.

Intriguingly, the first part gives us another glimpse into Young Ian’s motivations for returning but also hints at a close relationship developing between him and newcomer Malva Christie.

The pair can be seen chatting with Ian (John Bell) explaining to Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) his dilemma, stating: “You know, I dinnae ken if my place is here with them, or for how long.”

To which Malva, who came to the Ridge with her father Tom and brother Allan, responds: “Where else would it be?”

Where else indeed.

We also get to see Roger stepping up in his role as a man of God within the community by offering advice to what appears to be newcomer Amy Higgins who is questioning her place on the Ridge.

Showing his faith, Roger offers: “We must trust that he has a plan of some sort.”

As she seems upset, he then jokes: “It’s not such a terrible place, and it doesn’t rain as much as it does in Scotland.”

It’s a key glimpse at what could be a growing connection between the pair in what will become an interesting relationship this season if the books are anything to go by.

It also shows Roger settling in and finding his place on the Ridge.

There’s also the small matter of the growing romance between Lizzie and Keziah too, which is another hint at a rather interesting plotline from the books.

Fans were delighted to see yet another glimpse of what we can expect in season six.

One wrote: “I am sitting on the edge of my seat already, omg!!”

While another added: “I’m so ready… I know those new faces will make things harder for us, but I’m already on my couch and my chocolates ready for March 6.”

Though much of the attention for the new season so far has revolved around the coming Revolutionary War and the arrival of the Christies, it’s also nice to see some of the lesser-known characters being given the chance to shine in this teaser.

Plus we always welcome a wee bit more Young Ian time on screen.

What did you think? Are you excited to see how the new players fit into life on the Ridge?

Source: dailyrecord.co.uk

By Damyan Ivanov

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