In Outlander season 7 episode 5, Claire and Jamie find themselves in the thick of the American Revolution, while Brianna comes across a startling discovery during her new job. Meanwhile, Ian faces his worries about being unable to have children, and reunites with a potential love interest – but we were most interested in the arrival of a terrifying new villain. Join us for our breakdown on the latest episode…

In the 18th-century part of the show, it’s business as usual for Claire and Jamie as they arrive to help out the revolutionaries and instantly stir up trouble in their chosen fields. While Claire finds herself at odds with the chief medical staff in the camp, she finds an ally in Denzel Hunter. Meanwhile, Jamie is busy winding up the general after pointing out where the British are likely to attack from. Will there ever be a day that these two just keep their heads down? Join us for our full chat here…

Meanwhile, in the 20th century, Brianna and Roger might have just welcomed a new villain into their lives. While we don’t know much about Rob Cameron – Brianna’s sexist colleague who locks her in the plant – we know that nothing good can come of it, particularly since the role is played by a very established actor, Chris Fulton, who has also starred in The Witcher, Bridgerton and Succession.

It looks like new villains are appearing around every corner, and Jamie’s secret son William also had to deal with a bonafide serial killer while on the road with Rachel and Denzel, someone is hanging around outfit Bree and Roger’s house and scaring poor little Mandy and, let’s face it, Claire and Jamie are going to end up in trouble with their superior colleagues at this rate!

But we almost forgot one of the most interesting parts of the episode – has Brianna discovered another time travel portal? While trying to find her way out of the tunnels, she heard the classic buzzing – and ran towards it. Although it didn’t work out, (after all, it doesn’t look like she had a gem with her), Brianna didn’t even hesitate before launching herself at the potential portal. Could this mean that she wants to be reunited with her parents? And since Mandy is now older and out of the woods after being born with a heart problem, could Bree, Roger, Jemmy and Mandy be united with their 18th-century family?


By Damyan Ivanov

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