Outlander season 7 is coming to STARZ this summer. It will feature 16 episodes, with the first eight airing this year and the remaining eight in 2024. It will set things up for the eighth and final season!

As we wait for Outlander season 7 to premiere, check out the titles for the first eight episodes as revealed on the show’s Twitter account.

Outlander season 7 episode titles revealed

At the end of Season 6, Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) was separated from Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) after being wrongfully arrested for the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds). The last thing we saw was Jamie heading off into the sunset to rescue Claire. I have no doubt they will be reunited, but it will not be an easy road.

With that in mind, here are the Outlander season 7 episode titles:

  • Episode 1: “A Life Well Lost”
  • Episode 2: “The Happiest Place on Earth”
  • Episode 3: “Death Be Not Proud”
  • Episode 4: “A Most Uncomfortable Woman”
  • Episode 5: “Singapore”
  • Episode 6: “Where the Waters Meet”
  • Episode 7: “A Practical Guide for Time Travelers”
  • Episode 8: “Turning Points”

I am going to be keeping an eye out for Episode 7 because that title not only sounds intriguing, but like a book I’d want to read. Also, are they headed to Disneyland in Episode 2?

Mark your calendars for June 16, when the Droughtlander will finally end, and keep your eyes peeled for a premiere date for Outlander season 7, part 2, coming out sometime in 2024.

Source: winteriscoming.net

By Ivaylo Angelov

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