Outlander‘s showrunner is speaking out about the criticism that they’ve seen online about the latest season of the show.

It seems that some fans have been less than thrilled to watch other characters on screen, and would much rather get back to just Jamie and Claire, played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

Now, Maril Davis is speaking out about the reactions.

While talking to RadioTimes, Maril explained that what fans see on screen is very much what is in the book, written by Diana Gabaldon.

“I’m kind of surprised by that because – we can’t always, but we try to follow the books as much as possible, and this really does follow the books,” she shared. “Jamie and Claire are always going to be our center of the wheel, but there are quite a few characters to service and Diana has done a great job of doing that throughout this book series, and building characters you want to follow.”

Maril went on, saying that it’s “impossible to tell Jamie and Claire’s story without telling these other stories.”

“It won’t be their story if you can’t also tell the story of their kids, William and Bri, and their grandkids and everyone else in their life – that’s what makes Jamie and Claire’s story, it’s a tapestry,” she says. “Jamie and Claire are the start of that, but they’ve woven these other stories around them, and it’s impossible to tell theirs if you don’t tell everyone else’s.”

“This is the book, the book is Brianna and Roger go back to their own time, and you can’t tell their story if you’re not servicing that,” Maril emphasized. “You have to give their story just as much of a chance as everyone else’s. I don’t know how you tell their story without including their story.”

Outlander‘s mid-season finale just recently aired, and the second batch of season 7 episodes are due out soon.

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