Starz viewers could be in for a major treat when Outlander returns with season seven as Sophie Skelton teased a major new set feature.

This summer, fans will return to the familiar set of The Ridge as Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) make a comeback with Outlander’s seventh season. With Droughtlander edging towards an end, Sophie Skelton provided a behind-the-scenes look at the Starz show and teased an exciting new feature.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of the historical drama following Claire’s unlawful arrest for Malva Christie’s (Jessica Reynold) death.

The last time fans saw the beloved characters on screen, Jamie and his men were galloping in the direction of Wilmington prison, where she was being held awaiting trial.

Although it’s yet to be seen if he will make it in time, the stars of Outlander gave viewers major insight into what goes on behind the cameras.

This included a tour of Wilmington, which was the setting for a majority of key Outlander storylines.

Speaking to the cameras, Sophie shared in a new clip on the show’s Instagram: “In the middle of Scotland, we have this beautiful early American town and there’s more to come.”

The Brianna star teased: “We have not seen the end of Wilmington yet, because on the little street behind you, which I won’t show you yet, some very cool things may or may not be set to happen in season seven.”

During the clip, Sophie also highlighted the key areas of the set as she said: “Welcome to Wilmington, here we are in a little nook of the town.

“Even though, it’s a tiny portion of the town a lot has happened to Brianna in this area.”

Speaking on the tear-jerking season four scene, Sophie shared: “She [Brianna] met Jamie for the very first time around that corner.”

On the reunion with Roger (Richard Rankin) and their season four Handfast, she added: “She lost her virginity in this lovely little shack over there.”

As the actress walked through the set, Sophie disclosed: “Now we are coming round to one of my favourite bits of the town and of this amazing set, where it all really opens up.

“Here we have the inn, Brianna and Lord John [David Berry] came here when they were on their way from Jocasta’s [Maria Doyle Kennedy] to see Bonnet [Ed Speleers] in the prison.”

Pointing at Dwright’s Inn, Sophie continued: “That is where they stayed, thank you, Dr Wright.”

Jamie Fraser star Sam Heughan also made an appearance in the clip and added more details to the set’s development.

He revealed: “The streets have grown considerably over the years.

“We’ve added more and more frontage. Some of these buildings are only fronts, others are indoor-outdoor if you’re interested in buying some property here in Wilmington.”

While Jamie made his way to rescue his wife, Brianna and her husband Roger were far away completely unaware of the explosive ordeal at Fraser’s Ridge.

Along with their son Jemmy (Matthew Adair), the young family were on a long journey to the minister.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Jamie will get to Claire on time, who really killed Malva and Brianna’s reaction when she returns to find her parent nowhere in sight.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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