One of the biggest sets used for the hit drama Outlander has continued to grow for the making of season seven.

Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) and her husband Jamie (Sam Heughan) will be returning to their home on Fraser’s Ridge in a matter of months with season seven of Outlander set to premiere on Starz this summer. During the latest ‘Droughtlander’, the cast have been taking fans behind the scenes on one of the show’s biggest sets in a new Instagram video.

Jamie Fraser star Heughan has revealed one of his favourite additions to the latest season of Starz’ hit historical drama.

In Outlander’s new behind-the-scenes featurette, the lead actor took fans on a tour around the port of Wilmington.

The location has played a huge role in several iconic moments from the Frasers’ journey and will make its return at the start of season seven.

He revealed several new buildings have been added to the backlot for the latest instalments, including the Red Falcon Inn.

“The streets have grown considerably over the years,” Heughan explained.

“We’ve added more and more frontage. Some of these buildings are only fronts, others are indoor-outdoor if you’re interested in buying some property here in Wilmington.”

Heughan began with a sneak preview of season seven, which will begin with Jamie and Young Ian (John Bell) rescuing Claire from the Wilmington prison.

“As we go off to this area, this area has changed an awful lot,” he said.

“We’re setting up for a shot here, but down here is where Claire is currently being held prisoner.”

However, Wilmington has also been the location for some of the Frasers’ happiest moments, many of which will have taken place in the town’s inn.

“So here we are at the other end of Wilmington,” Heughan went on. “You can go in a big circle round here and there’s a lot of little highways and byways and alleyways.

“But this is one of my favourite new constructions. We built the Red Falcon in season six.”

The camera panned across a huge wooden structure made from wooden boards painted in striking white and red.

A close-up revealed the impressive attention to detail at the pub, including a large sign adorned with a red falcon spreading its wings.

“Come and have a look,” Heughan said to viewers. “It is one of our sets that you can go into.

“It’s an indoor-outdoor thing. There’s no swimming pool, unfortunately.

“However, there’s a billiards table. You’ll remember Jamie Fraser and Cornelius Harnett (James Weber Brown) were playing billiards and almost discovered the Sons of Liberty.”

While much of the show’s indoor filming actually takes place elsewhere, the Red Falcon is a rare example of a set which also doubles up for interior scenes.

“Usually when we shoot interior we’ll shoot at the studio,” Heughan’s co-star Richard Rankin explained.

“Which gives us much more control over the sound or the light. With the exception of the Red Falcon – that is pretty much functioning.”

Unfortunately, the illusion had to end somewhere, and Heughan took the camera around the corner to reveal a bit of “movie magic”.

The Scottish star remarked “that’s a beautiful view” as he stood against a huge blue screen which is filled in with Wilmington’s harbour in post-production.

Outlander season 7 premieres summer 2023 on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.SEO


By Ivaylo Angelov

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