Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Outlander’s seventh season which is expected to premiere this summer. Although a date has yet to be confirmed, fans have taken to the show’s social media accounts for hints about the upcoming storyline and after spotting Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) holding Adso, fans have feared the worst.

The last time Claire was on screens, the nurse was being carted off to Wilmington for trial after the death of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds).

When the youngster’s corpse was discovered in Claire’s garden, the locals falsely accused her.

As a result, Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and other members of the Committee of Safety arrested Claire.

Although Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) was initially by her side throughout the treacherous journey, the two were separated as Richard’s men attempted to send Jamie back to Scotland.

Thankfully, Jamie’s nephew Young Ian (John Bell) came to the rescue and with the help of the Mohawks, Jamie was last seen galloping in the direction of Wilmington.

Although it’s yet to be seen if he will be able to save his wife from punishment, fans were treated to a behind-the-scenes photo.

On the official Outlander Instagram account, the was a new photo of Claire holding her beloved cat, Adso.

While many swooned at the cute picture, others who had read the novels took this photo as a clue and anticipated a heartbreaking storyline.


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After the snap was shared on Reddit’s Outlander fan page, fans took to the comments with concern.

An excited u/jolierose wrote: “As soon as I saw this, I just knew the scene! I’d love to see it play out close to the source material.”

While u/OutlanderMom stated: “If it’s the one I think, I’ll bawl my eyes out. That scene hurts me after having to move away from my home so many times.”

A third fan, u/Arrugula, warned: “We’re not ready.”

An emotional u/TammyHorak added: “I cried reading it, I’m not ready to see it on screen.”

As u/Thepacksurvives revealed: “Adso stays at Fraser’s Ridge. They reunite with him towards the end of MOBY (book 8).”

Adso was introduced to Outlander in season five when Jamie brought him back on his way home from a gathering.

The pet was initially supposed to help Claire keep mice out of her surgery and has since taken up residence in a cupboard.

According to Diana Gabaldon’s eighth novel, Written in my Hearts Own Blood, Claire and Jamie will eventually return to the ridge.

There, Claire will be moved to tears as Adso returns back to her side almost immediately.

However, if the series replicates the source material, Jamie and Claire could be in for major heartbreak as the fire will force the couple to say goodbye to their beloved pet.

The fire has been highly anticipated since Brianna Fraser’s (Sophie Skelton) arrival in the past, but fans will have to stay tuned to see if Adso will truly be left behind.


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