Karen Pirie star Lauren Lyle has provided fans with an exciting update about the ITV crime drama’s second season.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about the release of her new movie Mercy Falls, Lyle, who plays the titular detective, confirmed that filming for season two begins “early next year”.

“It shouldn’t be too long, and I can’t wait to do it,” she added.

The Outlander actress also teased what fans can expect to see from the second outing, revealing that there’s an “abroad location that has to be in sun”.

She continued: “Karen doesn’t necessarily get too involved in that in the books and I told Emer Kenny, the writer of the show, that I will not do it if I don’t get to go to where the sun is.

“She kind of laughed the first few times and then by the third time she was like, ‘I actually think you’re serious, you won’t do it if you don’t get to go to the sun’. I was like, ‘Yep’. So Karen will hopefully be going to the sunshine somewhere.

“We were very lucky with season one that Emer wrote a five-star hotel into the series, so we had to film in it and stay in it. So we had a really nice time in Scotland. Maybe she’ll do something like that again.”

Lyle went on to praise Karen Pirie’s “amazing cast”, Kenny’s “brilliant writing” and the show’s production company, World Productions, which she said is “so nurturing”.

“Simon Heath, the head of World Productions, is our exec and he’s so supportive. He said to me and Emer recently that Karen Pirie and Line of Duty were two of his career highlights,” she added.

“So I feel really proud that we’ve made something that’s been responded to so well, especially for a new show that doesn’t have a load of big famous people in it. For me to carry the name is such a privilege and it has been brilliant.”

Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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