Outlander star Lauren Lyle has warned of a ‘creepy’ Instagram profile pretending to be her to reach out to fans.

The Scots actress, who plays Marsali Fraser in the hit show, urged her social media followers to report the fake profile after sharing images of messages a fan received.

It read: “Hey there. I hope you’re well and safe. With this opportunity I want to take my time to reach out to you my fan personally.”

The 27-year-old reposted the message on her Instagram story and wrote: “This is creepy and not me. Report and block.”

It is not the first time the Outlander cast has been targeted by online fraudsters. Earlier this year, one con artist posed as Sam Heughan and contacted multiple women across North America and tricked them out of their life savings. Stephanie, a 56-year-old nurse from Florida, handed over £36,500 after believing she had been in an online relationship with Heughan since 2018.

She said: “When this happens to you it’s not only humiliating and embarrassing.

“It has exacerbated depression and anxiety which I fight daily.

“A warning for only 24 hours is not enough.”

Another fan Anna, from New York, was duped into sending £34,000 after being told the money would be invested in Heughan’s whisky brand. She added: “This keeps happening and women keep falling for it. His post should not be temporary so it reaches more people.”

Previously, Heughan posted a series of screen shots on his Instagram story from fake profiles pretending to be him. Posting to his fans to raise awareness of the fakes, he wrote: “Please be careful on social media. So many scammers.

“I will never reach out or message on Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google Hangout etc or ask for money.”

Alongside a kissing emoji, he added: “If it’s not verified, its not me.”

The actor also posted photos of a number of bogus Instagram accounts using his name and branded them “fake”. Trolls even set up a page pretending to be mother Chrissie Heughan on Twitter. The Scots actor blasted the “disgusting people” who set it up.

Sam, 40, was notified of the page by a helpful fan who also sent a private message from the catfish, posing as artist Chrissie.

Thanking the social media user who tagged him, he shared the post which read : “How are you doing today? I’m Chrissie Heughan (Sam Roland Heughan) Mom.

“I saw your comments and interest in my son and his work and I appreciate you on his behalf.

“Being an actor has always been his dream and I feel proud whenever I see his movie on the big screen and all this happened due to the support you (his fans) gave him.

“Though he don’t always get the time to speak to his fans personally, but his constantly receiving the news of people claiming to be him, collecting bank details and money from his fans, I feel terrible whenever I get informed of it, hope you’ve never been a victim. I will love to get a response from you.”

The shocked fan shared the message with Sam and said: “Unbelievable! They have exceeded the limits. Please report and block this fake account.”

Source: dailyrecord.co.uk

By Damyan Ivanov

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