Thanks to Outlander, Sam Heughan knows what it’s like to be responsible for someone’s favorite thing. The Starz drama brings Diana Gabaldon’s books to life with Heughan as her Scottish hero Jamie Fraser. It takes more than Heughan and his co-stars to bring the characters to life though. Heughan names one crew member his favorite person on the set as his partner in bringing Jamie to life.

Heughan was a guest on The Cultural Coven podcast on April 12, 2021. During their hour-long chat, host Nicola Ray asked Heughan his favorite person on the Outlander set. Heughan didn’t even have to think about it. Outlander Season 6 premieres March 6.

On ‘Outlander,’ Sam Heughan needs his makeup artist
Heughan named Wendy Kemp Forbes as his favorite person on the Outlander set. Kemp Forbes is the makeup artist who turns Heughan’s hair highlander red. In the early days, she was responsible for his dye, but they’ve since switched to wigs. Kemp Forbes also gives his face that historically weathered look.

Sam Heughan and Wendy Kemp Forbes are in the trenches together
Outlander isn’t your average TV show with glamor makeup. Heughan and his co-stars portrayed 18th century Scotland. Scotland was already wet and muddy, but then Outlander staged battle scenes where the cast roll around in it. Then the action moved to the American colonies, so they’re recreating the American Revolution era, which is no cleaner. That’s no easy feat and Heughan needs an ally in griming up.

“I think the worst part is the makeup and hair,” Heughan said. “I have the most amazing hair and makeup person, I couldn’t do it without her. Number one, she’s just so fun and brilliant. It sort of gets sprackled. Your face gets covered in makeup every day and mud and blood. Despite washing copious times, you go to bed. In the morning, you wake up, still there’s fake mud and blood on your shoots. You’re like what happened last night?”

Where Caitriona Balfe ranks alongside Wendy Kemp Forbes
On the co-star front, Heughan was sure to give credit to his Claire, Caitriona Balfe. Heughan and Balfe have worked together intensely every season, as they promised to do when they both auditioned. Outlander has seen costars come and go, but Jamie and Claire are always central, so there’s no underestimating his connection with Balfe.

“My co-star, Caitriona, as well,” Heughan said. “It is hard to choose between the two because me and Caitriona are so close. We’ve worked together from the beginning and been through this journey together.”


By Ivaylo Angelov

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