Outlander star Sam Heughan has given one of the main reasons he’s grateful for landing the iconic role of Jamie Fraser in the smash hit historical series.

Sam Heughan is currently back with his co-star Caitriona Balfe in the final stretch of filming for the highly anticipated seventh season of Outlander. During the Starz series’ agonising hiatus, affectionately known as ‘Droughtlander’ by fans, the Scottish star has reflected on the incredible opportunities he’s been granted after nearly 10 years working on the popular drama.

Jamie Fraser star Sam has revealed he is grateful for being able to go back to his home country to film Outlander.

Born in Dumfries and Galloway in 1980, Sam moved to Edinburgh at the age of 12 before studying drama in Glasgow.

He later moved to London while pursuing an actor career, but was finding it hard to land roles and worked in bars to support himself.

Thankfully, in 2013, Sam got his break when he was cast as Jamie for the first adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling novels.

“All of my experiences growing up and as a jobbing actor have really shaped me,” the Outlander star recalled.

“But I’m now in this job, I’ve been on Outlander for almost a decade and I feel very fortunate.”

Although later seasons have been set in 18th Century North Carolina, the show’s filming locations have remained

Sam now resides in Glasgow again, making it much easier to travel to the show’s location shoots as well as being able to film much of the series at Wardpark Studios in the same city.

“It’s allowed me to go back to Scotland,” he told Audible. “Back to my homeland and rediscover Scotland and the beauty it has there.

“Obviously it’s been a great journey playing Jamie Fraser, as well.”

The star also confirmed he and his co-stars have “absolutely” become like a family over the years they’ve spent on the series.

He went on: “We started ages ago, myself, my co-star – especially my co-star Caitriona Balfe, a magnificent actress and a great friend.

“She’s almost like my sister. We’ve grown up together. We’ve had all these amazing experiences.

“But all the cast and the crew as well, we’re very, very close. We’re like a big family. And it’s created relationships we never thought we’d have.”

Sam went on to detail his close bond with Graham McTavish, who has portrayed Jamie’s uncle Dougal Mackenzie throughout several seasons of Outlander.

They have since starred together in their successful travel show Men In Kilts, which will soon return for a second season.

Fans are clearly just as grateful as Sam for his casting as Jamie, as his picture-perfect portrayal of the rugged Highlander is frequently cited as one of the high points of the series.

He and Caitriona will soon be back for the highly anticipated seventh season, fresh off the show’s recent success at the Scottish BAFTAs.

The show’s growing fanbase is also hoping the series will eventually adapt all 10 books in Diana’s planned saga, though Starz is yet to confirm plans after season seven.

Outlander seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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By Ivaylo Angelov

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