Outlander actress Sophie Skelton shared a snap from the set on her Instagram page and was forced to later make a disclaimer on the post after it got fans’ tongues wagging.

Sophie, who plays Jamie and Claire Fraser’s daughter Brianna, posted a photograph of herself in 18th century costume, cuddling a dummy baby and pulling a funny face.

Alongside the snap, she penned: “Chucky with the good hair.”

As filming for the last series of the hit show is currently taking place, many fans took to the comments to speculate that Brianna will return to the past, as she’s dressed in older clothes.


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One fan wrote: “Omg does this mean you’re back in the 1700s??”

Another replied: “my thoughts exactly!!!!!! I think it was hinted at the end of the last season due to ‘events’.”

While one said: “the amount of deductive reasoning I did as soon as I saw this picture.”

And one speculated: “Waaaaait a minute! If this is a bts picture from season 8, then that must mean that it won’t take that long for the Fraser-Mackenzie’s to come back to the past!!”

And another said: “disturbing. Looks like a dead child.”

Following a few comments, Sophie made a further comment: “*this is a #throwback… and a rubber doll.”

A fan responded: “you got me so excited.”

Fans will need to wait until November to get their Outlander fix as the second part of season 7, is set to air then however many have fumed over the ‘unfair’ wait.

Responding to the reaction of fans of the hit Starz show, executive producer Maril Davis explained she does what she’s “told” and that the decision to split season seven in two wasn’t her choice. She advised fans to ‘buckle up’ for what lies ahead.

“I get a lot of questions about this online and unfortunately, this is completely out of my hands, it’s more of a STARZ decision and they obviously have their reasons for doing it, that’s a little above my pay grade!,” the show’s executive producer Maril Davis told Hello!

“We just go in and we do what we’re told, we weren’t told in the beginning that there would be a break although we imagined there would be, there was probably going to be, but didn’t know for sure.”

She added: “We certainly built it assuming it would [break] after the eighth episode. I know it’s really hard for fans. I don’t know all of the reasons that these splits are done. But all I can say is buckle your seat belt. The wait will be worth it. It gives us more time to re-hash things! Honestly, Outlander is all about anticipation.

“Starting season one, the seven episodes it took to get Jamie and Claire to their marriage and, the anticipation of this season is with Jamie seeing his son William. Outlander is all about anticipation and that’s what Droughtlander is about to!”

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