Peaky Blinders fans have spotted a death “plot hole” in the tragic passing of Grace Shelby and insisted that she never should have died.

Grace, played by Annabelle Wallis, was shot in the second episode of Peaky Blinders season three and Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) was left devastated as she was wearing a sapphire necklace he had given her – which had apparently been cursed by a gypsy.

Tommy’s brothers, Arthur, John and Finn, proceeded to beat the man who shot her to death, but now one eagle-eyed fan has claimed they should have been able to save Grace.

Writing on, they claimed that Grace should have survived the shooting due to her family’s connection with the army.

“Grace suffers a gunshot wound to the upper left chest in the previous episode, and episode three reveals she died,” they said.

“The bullet would have passed under the clavicle and would have missed the axillary artery and all other major blood vessels.

“This wound should not have been lethal, especially because Grace’s family immediately called for an ambulance, so she would not have had to wait long for medical treatment,” the fan added.

“Most of her family members are military veterans who would have the knowledge to provide the necessary first aid.”

In the seasons that have followed Grace’s tragic death, viewers have seen hard man Tommy struggle to adjust to life without his wife as he attempts to raise their son.

Tommy has even been hallucinating visions of Grace, and at the end of season five she was seen trying to persuade him to join her on the other side. Season five ended with Tommy holding a gun to his head as he contemplated taking his own life – but it’s unsure whether or not he will actually die.

Filming has recently resumed for the sixth series after being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this month, Peaky Blinders’ creator Steven Knight said fans would have to wait for the hotly anticipated season six to find out who the masked culprit was who killed sniper Barney and Tommy’s uncle-in-law Aberama Gold. Speaking during during Esquire’s live watchalong, Steven said: “So now we’re into the part where people still ask and are asking me still, who intervened and what happened. I can’t tell you and you’ll have to find out.

“It’s all part of the trajectory of Tommy Shelby. Where his plans work, until they don’t and then he’s pulled back, always pulled back to where he’s from.

“The original question I asked before I started writing Peaky, can someone with Tommy Shelby’s background in Britain, his upbringing, in Britain, in particular, can they ever escape who they were? Can they ever become accepted or respectable? Or is it a hopeless task?”

Steven added: “I’ve wanted to explore that for the whole series and hopefully answer that question at the very end. When we get to the very end.

“If we get to the very end. He’s living in a big house, he has all that money, is he the same as he ever was?”