Four years after the death of beloved Aunt Polly, Peaky Blinders had introduced a new addition to the world of Birmingham’s most notorious gangsters. Jack Nelson, known as Uncle Jack, could be the most powerful man on the show right now.

Writer Steven Knight is known for blending real life historical figures into the storyline. Knight has confirmed the character is based on a famous figure.

The season so far has revealed the tensions within the Shelby family. Although Tommy and Michael aren’t on the best terms right now they’re still talking business as Tommy is focused reaching out to Uncle Jack.

But who is Uncle Jack and why is Tommy so interested in him?

Who is Uncle Jack in Peaky Blinders?
Uncle Jack is a powerful relative of characters Gina and Michael, played by Anya Taylor-Joy and Finn Cole. He is a wealthy Irish-American businessman based in Boston, United States.

Jack’s character is inspired by Joseph P Kennedy Senior, the father of former President John F Kennedy. Kennedy Senior imported English liquor to the United States following the end of the prohibition era.

The character is also a figure with political influence and control over alcohol imports between the UK and the US. Tommy is interested because he plans to work with him on drug shipments across the pond.

Who plays him?
Australian actor James Frecheville portrays Uncle Jack. He is best known for his role as Joshua ‘J’ Cody in Animal Kingdom, where he plays the youngest member of a criminal family in Melbourne’s underworld.

Frecheville starred in two episodes of New Girl with Zoey Deschanel. The 30-year-old also had a role in British drama The Pursuit of Love, with Lily James and Dominic West.


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