The famous actor from “TBBT” Kunal Nayyar (Raj Koothrappali) stated that we are the “ocean” and we have to accept our falls and wins in life

Raj Koothrappali uploaded a very positive Photo in instagram with a discription – “You are searching for a permanent state of happiness. A permanent fix for your life- always happy, always positive. But the truth is – In searching for such a state you are missing all of life. Life is here, now, in whichever state you are— it’s okay. It’s okay to have days like this, it’s okay to have days like that. Nothing is permanent. The waves of the ocean rise and the waves of the ocean fall- don’t get too caught up in identifying with the waves, because you, my dear, are the whole ocean… And it’s time to be okay with all that you are:)”

Check the Photo bellow:


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