That’s what we call practical thinking.

Television series have always been a sweet spot for anyone trying to sell their products because television series have always set trends. From certain fashion styles to the use of certain brands, as soon as viewers saw their favorite character on TV enjoying something, they wanted to get their hands on that same thing.

was no exception. In fact, without even predicting it, show creator Eric Kripke raised an army of fans ready to storm the Chevrolet factories to get a copy of their new favorite car, the 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

The only person as obsessed with this car as the Supernatural fans was Dean Winchester himself. He drove it all the time and even named it Baby to let everyone know how much he appreciated it. By the end of Season 1 of the show, everyone knew that Baby was the third companion of the brothers.

However, not many people knew his behind-the-scenes origin story.

It turns out that Baby was originally supposed to be a Mustang. It was always Eric Kripke’s plan to make an impression and make the car fit the style of the Winchester brothers, but he changed his mind after consulting his neighbor on the matter. The writer recalled the moment in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“My first choice was a ’65 Mustang. My neighbor said it had to be a ’67 Impala because you can put a body in the trunk. [He said] ‘You want a car that, when people stop next to it at the lights, they lock their doors”.

And he was absolutely right. Not only does Baby make exactly that impression, but it also kills it with the looks and makes every Supernatural shot that involves traveling between cities and places even more cinematic.

As of today, Baby is happily resting somewhere in ‘ personal garage. After all the stunts that the good old Chevy had to endure during the shootings and another cameo that she made in Supernatural’s spinoff, it is finally time for a well-deserved rest. Besides, we’re sure it gets the best possible treatment.

If you want to pay your respects to the truly iconic car, you can re-watch all 15 seasons of Supernatural or your favorite episodes on Netflix.

By Damyan Ivanov

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