Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan’s new show Wild Cards has been renewed for season 2.

Network The CW, which was home to Riverdale when it was on, has given Wild Cards a lengthier second run, with 13 episodes compared to season 1’s 10. TVLine states that the season will air in 2025.

Wild Cards follows con artist Max (Morgan), who teams up with disgraced detective Cole (played by Giacomo Gianniotti) to solve all manner of crimes.

The first season ended with Cole getting his job back, and Max nabbing a smuggler who turned out to be her husband. Although their partnership looked like it had come to an end, Max discovered who killed Cole’s brother, setting up a reunion and a second season.

The show did well with viewers, becoming the network’s second biggest show behind the (now-cancelled) Walker, and performed third in its target demographic.

The CW’s head of scripted programming Liz Wise Lyall said: “We are thrilled to order a second season of The CW’s breakout series Wild Cards.

“Wild Cards has clearly captured the imagination of our viewers thanks to exhilarating storytelling and the crackling chemistry between Vanessa and Giacomo. We are confident Wild Cards is the kind of smart and sexy blue-sky drama that could continually build its audience for years.”

Earlier this year, Gianniotti reflected on his time on Grey’s Anatomy, revealing which former co-star forgot their lines most on set, and who he still talks to.

Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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