Now it actually seems to have happened: The running on Netflix series “Riverdale” has probably finally separated from a main character. However, there are many indications that the figure survives.


Riverdale” spectators had to say goodbye to a protagonist at the end of the current Halloween episode. The death of the character is not yet confirmed, although all signs point to it. The fans do not give up hope, as there are many reasons against painting the character from the series.

After just four episodes of the fourth season of “Riverdale”, the series chases the audience a fitting shock to Halloween: An important figure has apparently finally blessed the time. Since this serial death is not fully confirmed, there is still hope. But it all points to the fact that the circle of friends has shrunk by one member.

This happened in the Halloween episode of “Riverdale”
The fourth episode of Season 4 was released in Germany on October 31, and the characters in “Riverdale” celebrate Halloween accordingly. But the day is anything but harmonious for Archie and Co. For example, Jughead gets involved with some of his new classmates who lock him up in a coffin. Towards the end of the episode, a leap in time takes place and viewers see Jughead’s body lying on an autopsy table. His father F.P. and his girlfriend Betty are also present and fighting with tears. Without further explanation, the episode ends after this scene.

In the first episode of Season 4, the characters from “Riverdale” by Fred Andrews, played by the late actor Luke Perry adopted. An emotional episode, which has now been supplemented by another shocking episode. Anyone who remembers the trailer for the 4th season, but may have already counted on Jughead’s death.

That’s why Jughead could survive anyway
In fact, there are some reasons why the creators do not just drop an important protagonist like Jughead:

Already several times in “Riverdale” it looked as if figures were going to die – most recently Archie in the third season. The most important characters, however, have always survived.
Jughead is a fan favorite. Without him, the number of viewers could fall, which most movers would not risk.
In addition, Jughead is the narrator of “Riverdale”.
If actor Cole Sprouse voluntarily left the series, that would probably be due to new film and series projects (see, for example, actress Ashleigh Murray, the “Riverdale” leaves for another series). On the film database IMDb, however, no upcoming productions are noted for the Sprouse the set of “Riverdale” time reasons should have left.

This leaves the question of how Jughead should survive if his lifeless body is already on the autopsy table. At Reddit, some users speculate that he’s merely feigning his death in order to subsequently avenge his classmates. It is also possible that he is only powerless or that the corpse is not Jughead. How can that be, some users explain quite simply: Cole Sprouse’s twin brother Dylan could appear as a surprise guest in the series.

Whether Jughead lives or dies, Riverdale fans will probably find out in the upcoming episode, which will be released on Netflix on November 7.

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