RIVERDALE star Lili Reinhart broke down in tears sharing the “horrifying” attack on her new dog Milo that resulted in him being rushed to the hospital.

The 23-year-old CW actress could not keep her composure as she revealed Milo – who she adopted less than two months ago – was attacked by another dog.

The blonde-haired Hustlers star opened up about the incident on her Instagram Stories Friday:

“So this is weird for me and I’m not exactly sure why I’m doing it but I guess for all the people out there who care about my little dog, Milo,” the typically-private star said.

“I was taking him out today to get some exercise – I had a mask and gloves on, so don’t start with me about that – but he was attacked by another dog.

“And it was pretty bad. So I had to rush him to the animal hospital, and he’s there now getting surgery,” Lili emotionally confessed as she began to cry.

“He has a pretty deep wound on his neck. And God, it was just a very horrifying experience.

“I’ll keep you guys updated on how he’s doing, but keep him in your thoughts please. Thanks guys,” she concluded in tears.

Less than two months before the scary attack, the teen drama star adopted her four-legged friend from organization Furever Freed Dog Rescue. The rescue group is in Vancouver, Canada where Riverdale’s production takes place.

“This is my new baby. He has quickly become a great love of mine. Meet Milo my rescue sweetheart from @fureverfreed,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of her puppy.

According to Furever Freed’s website, Milo is a one-year-old miniature Schnauzer mix who had a “rough start” to life as he was forced to live outside. The website also describes Milo as “playful and a sweet boy and very cuddly.” Despite the short time she has had him in her home, Lili had documented plenty of quality time with Milo as they remain quarantined.

Last month, she shared another glimpse at the adorable canine sho she called her “real life very own tiny son.” She posted a picture two weeks ago quarantining in her home with Milo as she laid out on the deck.

“I’m only wearing jeans because I took Milo on a walk. Now, it’s poetry hour,” she wrote as she laid in the sun.

The proud dog mom posed with her little Schnauzer in a shot last week and captioned it her “quarantine family portrait.”

Source: thesun.co.uk

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