From being the police who out of love joins the gang of thieves in “La casa de papel” , Itziar Ituño turns his job around and is now part of a group of fishermen trying to rescue a treasure, alongside the Mexican Leonardo Ortizgris.

The Spanish actress and the Mexican are part of the “Robinsones” production , which has just been recorded on Chilean locations and which would hit the small screen in 2023.
“It turns out that the fishermen find an astrolabe and that means that there is something valuable lost at sea,” says Ortizgris.

“He talks about that, but also about greed; the desert, a large number of Chilean actors, but with an international cast, are in the series, ”he adds.

“Robinsones” is inspired by the legend of the Oriflama, a Spanish ship sunk in the 18th century in front of La Trinchera beach with an estimated cargo of 200 million dollars, which has tried to be rescued for two decades by the inhabitants of the coastal town of Curept.

Ortizgris, known for the films “Güeros” and “You Know Tomás”, has already worked in the Andean country thanks to “I’m afraid of a bullfighter”, where he plays a Mexican guerrilla fighter who tries to assassinate President Pinochet.

Now he shares credits, in addition to Ituño, with, among others, Luis Dubó (Prófugos), Gabriela Arancibia (La nave del olvido) and Carla Nieto (La fortaleza).

During 2022 the interviewee also filmed two movies: “Total Loss” and “Sign Here”.

The first is directed by Enrique Begné (Compadres and Dos abrazos), a drama in which he plays a man for whom everything goes wrong.

“Of those times you know you are making a bad decision, but you go, of those days when you only bring the little black cloud above you and you don’t know how to get out, many will undoubtedly feel identified,” he says.

“And the other is a science fiction movie about an alternate reality of what would happen if love relationships didn’t last a lifetime, but were structured so that people were together for four years and that’s it,” he details.


By Damyan Ivanov

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