Shameless US actress Emmy Rossum has shared her unique way of utilising LEGO in the workplace.

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Not only someone who enjoys being in front of the camera, Rossum has also flexed her directorial muscles throughout her career.

Sitting down for an interview on YouTube’s The Off Camera Show, she revealed how the beloved plastic bricks came in handy one time as she prepared to direct an episode.

“I just went to the LEGO store and got a lot of LEGO people and LEGO accessories, and made kind of blow-up floor plans of the sets, and just started assigning LEGO [people] to different characters,” she explained.

“So like, Fiona [Gallagher, her character] had an ‘I Love New York’ shirt, and Frank’s [Gallagher] character had a little wine bottle that he would hold. And I would just move them around, and I would take pictures of like, ‘This person’s gonna walk to the fridge and she’s gonna get milk, and he’s gonna cross here, and that’s gonna make a good count.

“So I literally designed almost every scene like an action scene, even when it was just people talking.”

In LEGO-related news, the toy company finally released its latest range of Harry Potter products earlier this month.

This includes sets of the Forbidden Forest, 4 Privet Drive, Professor Slughorn’s classroom and the Room of Requirement.

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