Before she sadly passed away, the last ever song Sinead O’Connor recorded was a “haunting” rendition of The Skye Boat Song for hit show Outlander.

The Irish singer is said to have “really resonated” with the main character Claire Fraser, played by Caitriona Balfe, and producers were shocked and delighted when she agreed to record the song.

Each season of Outlander, a new version of The Skye Boat Song is recorded with a different variation than before and executive producer Maril Davis really wanted to try something completely different so she contacted Sinead.

Sinead was more than happy to record the vocals as she connected with the main character Claire’s story, who travels from the 20th century to 18th century Scotland.

In the show, Claire, who is a doctor, is often told that her ideas are “crazy” and in the new series, Claire’s daughter Brianna has a storyline that unfolds during the 1980s and so Maril wanted to have the opening credits give a nod to the decade.

Maril told the Metro: “I’d heard that she really resonated with Claire’s story. Obviously, we knew she was struggling with the death of her son, and certainly wasn’t prepared necessarily to come out and do a lot of press. But we were so excited, and we just went down that road.”

Sinead’s version of The Skye Boat Song took two days to record at Grouse Lodge in Ireland. No one knew it would end up being Sinead’s final recorded song. Maril added: “I feel like her story is very similar to Claire’s, they’ve been kind of at the forefront of things, maybe they have not been always embraced by [sic] everything they’ve done, and people have kind of pushed back and their ideas have maybe been ‘crazy’ and received a lot of backlash.”

Outlander paid tribute to Sinead in the closing credits of the mid-season finale. At the end of the episode, the screen said: “In loving memory of Sinead O’Connor.”


By Damyan Ivanov

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