Riverdale has yet to be renewed for season 5, but that doesn’t mean the cast isn’t already brainstorming plot points for next year. Considering, it’s the Core Four’s senior year, the writers are going to have to get creative to keep everyone in the area next year, but the cast has some pretty good ideas on how to do that.

Entertainment Tonight asked the members of our favorite friend group what they thought would happen next season.

KJ Apa doesn’t think there will be an issue transitioning the cast out of high school. “the show’s not called Riverdale High,” he said. “It’s called Riverdale. So you never know what can happen afterwards.” That being said, he does think there’s a chance Archie won’t be graduating this season, saying “maybe Archie will get held back a year.”

Meanwhile, Lili Reinhart thinks there are enough things aside from school keeping the teens in town. “I think there’s a lot of unfinished business for a lot of them,” she said.

“It seems like they might all feel the need to stay and take care of things with their family or their businesses,” she explained, noting Veronica’s “like, 12 businesses that she’s running.” She also surmised that Betty may stay in town to be near her mom, “at least for a little while. They’ve got some stuff to figure out.”

In order to keep everyone around, Lili thinks there’s a chance that everyone will take a gap yeah between high school and college, in order to “just chill for a minute.”

The most shocking theory about what season five will hold came from Camila Mendes, though, who thinks something very big (or small) will keep some characters in town.

“Maybe the show ends with someone having a kid,” she guessed. “You know, who knows? I’m just pitching things.”

Honestly, it’s not a bad guess. It’s a pretty standard teen drama troupe that one of the characters gets pregnant. So, it isn’t too out of the realm of possibility.

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