For a show with 15 seasons of content, “Supernatural” actually has a bit too much of cut content and unfulfilled ideas that still bother fans to this day.

Showrunner Eric Kripke is an incredibly creative individual, and he has never been afraid to share his concepts with the fans. Too bad not all of his bold ideas made it to the screen.

Here are 10 Supernatural episodes that never happened, but we wished they had:

We are confident that even the most casual Sam and Dean Whincester fan will be moved to tears after reading this list – the ideas that Kripke never got to film are too good to be forgotten.

Take the “Naked Supernatural” episode, for example – the idea of mixing The CW show with Leslie Nielsen’s iconic comedy film sounds so crazy that it actually might have worked!

The originality lurks beneath the cuts mentioned on this list – episodes like “Cat’s POV” actually sound so endearing that they could have been standalone movies, without Dean or Sam.

Perhaps after the inevitable end of “The Boys, ” Kripke will revisit these ideas and convince The CW to revive “Supernatural” for a limited season in which he can finally bring his bold ideas to life. The fans will certainly not say no!


By Damyan Ivanov

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