A man who became a legend, a name that was feared by angels and demons, it’s Cain. The legend of Cain is pretty interesting, from being personally selected by Lucifer to train demons to retire and live a normal life doing beekeeping. He’s full of numerous surprises.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About Cain From Supernatural


Cain, brother of Abel & the first son of Eve and Adam. As the biblical story famously goes, Cain became envious of his brother and caused his demise. But Cain actually did it to protect his brother from the influence of Lucifer. As per the Supernatural, Cain struck a deal with Lucifer that if Abel is allowed heaven then he would offer his soul. Cain used a donkey’s jawbone to create the first blade and ended his brother using it. This very act would set the model or pattern of two brothers fighting and one causing the demise of the other. Their descending bloodlines would serve as the vessels for the archangels. The relationship of the Winchesters (Sam & Dean) not only mirrored the relationship of Lucifer & Michael in a way, but it also reflected the relationship of Cain & Abel. Although Abel has been mentioned several times in the show but never made any appearance.


The Mark of Cain has played a significant role in the storyline of the Supernatural. It was a lock or seal which concealed Amara or the Darkness away for eons. When Darkness battled God & the angels, she was trapped by the God. Chuck handed over the Mark as he trusted Lucifer the most and it was his favorite son. But the mark soon began corrupting Lucifer which eventually became the cause of his downfall. The mark was passed to Cain from Lucifer. The mark is like a curse that corrupts everyone who possesses it. From Cain, it came to Dean as the mark is what allows an individual to wield the first blade. Dean needed to use the first blade to eliminate Abaddon.

However, when Rowena used her magic to remove the mark, it was not passed to someone else which freed the Darkness, releasing her upon the face of the earth. The same mark can be seen on the body of the Darkness. But the mark comes with an immense burden, its bearer is filled with an uncontrollable rage that seeks an expression. Apart from negative effects, it provides one with supernatural strength and powers, and its bearer cannot die unless the bearer meets his demise at the hands of other mark-bearers using the first blade. Mark is the first curse created by God which also serves as a lock & key.


As the mark doesn’t let its bearer pass away, Cain transformed into a demon after his resurrection. Such resurrected demons belong to the special class of demons called Knights of Hell. Cain is the first who trained all the Knights of Hell. His reputation was so notorious that not just other demons and beings, but angels were terrified of him too. This explains why Crowley who’s the King of the Crossroads was shivering when he met Cain. Knights of Hell are those demons who have been personally selected by Lucifer and trained intensely by Cain to form a special order. They are very ancient and very powerful.

Although they were not ordinary demons, but they had the common demon black eyes whereas Princes of Hell had yellow and White-Eyed demons had white eyes representing their power status. Interestingly, all the Knights of Hell have been eliminated by Dean and Cain. Dean is responsible for ending Abaddon & Cain whereas the remaining demons were eliminated by Cain.


In the year 1863, Cain fell in love with a woman named Colette. The woman accepted the darkness of Cain and loved him unconditionally. She convinced him to change his ways and start a new life. Soon Cain dropped the blade and started living his new life marrying Colette. But when the Knights learned about Colette and the changed attitude of Cain. They abducted Colette forcing Cain to pick up the Blade again and he ended up wiping all the Knights of Hell. Abaddon possessed Colette making the final attempt to bring Cain to her side, but when Cain refused.

She tricked Cain into harming the vessel of Colette while she exited it. A dying Colette asked Cain to not return to the evil ways and Cain would then retire from the world. It was because of her that Cain threw the blade at the bottom of the ocean and stopped participating in all Supernatural activities otherwise he could have ruled over the dominion of hell. It is hinted that Abaddon had romantic feelings for Cain, but he never reciprocated.


The role of Cain in Supernatural is played by Timothy Omundson who appeared in the show Lucifer playing the role of ‘God Johnson’. The show Lucifer also featured the characters of Cain and Abel, and their infamous tale with slight variations. In Lucifer’s universe, Cain is not a demon, but an immortal being and the role of Cain is played by Tom Weiling. Tom would be appearing as the hunter Samuel Campbell in Supernatural’s spin-off ‘The Winchesters’. There are a couple of actors who have appeared in both Lucifer & SPN Universe.


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