Supernatural was one of the best fantasy drama series of all time, with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the main characters. Throughout its 15 seasons, we were able to enjoy all kinds of moments, from laughs and victories to defeats, cries, and misfortunes.

Although the series ended, the most iconic moments of each character are still with us, and we can relive them as many times as we want. Even the actors themselves have also gained great things from this project, as is the case of Padalecki, who met his wife, Genevieve Cortese on the set of Supernatural.

Likewise, this star not only had great moments off-screen, but also on-screen when he played Sam Winchester. Below, you can take a look at the best moments of Jared Padalecki as the Winchesters’ younger brother.

10. Sam Frustrated with the Unlucky Rabbit’s Foot

In the episode, Sam found a rabbit’s foot, which is associated with good luck. However, the object was actually cursed and caused bad luck for whoever steals it. So, throughout the episode, the youngest Winchester runs into all sorts of obstacles and absurd misfortunes.

Although the most intense moment of the whole episode comes when his foot gets stuck in a grate. He ends up losing his shoe when he tries to free himself. It was a very unique scene and one of the funniest moments of the whole series in general.

9. Sam Confronts His Biggest Fear

Since the series began, Sam had been known to be afraid of clowns. However, in the seventh season, he is forced to confront them, as he and his brother arrive in a town to investigate a series of mysterious deaths and the main investigation takes place in a clown-themed children’s restaurant.

Although at first, he manages to try to control his fear, we later see that the final creature they must face ends up transforming into a clown. The funny thing about this episode is that after he defeats it, he says he is free of his phobia. Dean then gives him a clown toy and Sam ends up throwing it into the street.

8. Sam Discovers Reverse Exorcism

Throughout most of the series, the Winchesters were always fighting demons and possessions, and one of the methods they applied was to exorcise them in order to make them leave the host body. But Sam, being the most cautious and intelligent Winchester, managed to invent the reverse exorcism. With this, the demons could not leave the host body when they felt threatened but instead were forced to remain there.

Thus, when the reverse exorcism incantation is recited, enough time is gained to overcome them without them being able to escape. Subsequently, they are stabbed with the demon-killing knife.

7. Sam Leads a Fight

This was one of Sam’s most moralistic and imposing moments in the entire series. At first, the British Men of Letters were beating the Winchesters in the fight. When they face them in the final battle, Sam becomes the leader of the mission. He leads Dean, Jody, and a group of hunters.

Sam structures a plan from the design of the base, which is successfully carried out. Thus, the Winchesters win the fight and end up learning who they can and cannot trust.

6. Sam Without a Soul

Rather than just being a moment, it is also a portion of a whole season where Sam has no soul. This is because his soul was still in the cage with Lucifer, meaning he had no emotions, feelings, concerns, or any kind of charisma that the Sam Winchester we are used to seeing on screen had.

The reason why Sam was different is because he came back from Hell. Dean does his best to fix this. Thus, Death gives Sam his soul back, and he must face a broken version of himself, for he is forced to explore his memories to recover them, especially the tortured Sam in Hell. Finally, he manages to accept his suffering in order to continue with his brother.

5. Sam Dies and Lives Again

Throughout the series, the Winchesters live, die, and revive several times. This is something that has always made all the creatures in the TV show’s universe uncomfortable and has been surprising to fans, as well as caused some amusement.

But it was very shocking when Sam died for the first time in the Season 2 finale, during the arc of the psychic children and Azazel. Sam had it in mind to save himself and the rest of the psychic children by defeating the demon. However, Talley foiled his plans when she stabbed him in the back. So, he ended up dying in Dean’s arms. Although he ends up resurrecting when Dean sells his soul (with Dean now having a year to live), it was still a very sad and jaw-dropping scene.

4. Sam Reconciles With His Father

Sam never managed to get along with his father in life, unlike Dean. Not only because he was defying his orders, but because he always resented John for forcing him to lead a hunter’s life. When John dies at the hands of Azazel, Sam feels very guilty for leaving a bad relationship with him.

Later, when the protagonists travel through time and arrive in a future where John is alive, Sam has a conversation with his father. Thus, John apologizes for his mistakes, and so does Sam, coming to forgive him quickly. This was one of the most touching scenes of the entire TV show.

3. Sam Confesses to Dean

Before the Celestial Trials arc, Dean stopped in purgatory and Sam continued on Earth living a normal life. A year had passed, and Sam had let his older brother stay there. This was not the right thing to do from the point of view of the fans and Sam, who in the end felt very guilty.

During the third and final test to close the gates of Hell, Sam is very tired and learns that, upon completing the test, he will die in the process. Here, he confesses to Dean his guilt by telling him that he was not a good brother and that he failed him. Finally, Sam was able to go on living and accepted his brother’s forgiveness to live in peace. This was a very liberating and emotional moment, plus it shows the strong bond the Winchesters had in the face of any hardship.

2. Sam Sticks Up for Jack

All kinds of situations happened in Supernatural, although the inclusion of Jack Kline was something that turned the whole plot completely around. It was hard for Jack to be accepted by the Winchesters, especially Dean. Castiel had agreed to adopt Kline without complaint, while Sam managed to accept him soon after, despite all the awkwardness of his past with Lucifer (Jack being his son).

However, Dean still saw his powers and heritage as a threat. But Sam manages to dissuade him until, eventually, Dean ends up accepting him on the team. Whenever Sam defended Jack, it was quite endearing, due to the fact that he understood what it was like to “look for a second chance or acceptance.” Especially since the younger Winchester was looked down upon for his psychic powers and drinking demon blood.

1. Sam Sacrifices Himself to Stop Lucifer

At the end of Season 5, Sam makes the decision to be possessed by Lucifer to get rid of him once and for all. First, Lucifer and Sam had to fight against Michael and Dean, because the Winchesters were the destined bearers of these archangels.

As Lucifer is about to deliver the final blow, Sam begins to have some flashbacks to his childhood because of the Impala. For a brief time, Sam manages to regain control of his body and jumps into the cage to lock himself in hell along with Lucifer. Plus, he drags Adam and Michael to this place, which, even though it would mean eternal suffering for the younger Winchester, he did without hesitation. This is the most heroic and intense moment Jared Padalecki as Sam had throughout the series, as he sacrificed himself for the good of humanity.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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