5. Ellen Harvelle
Even though Ellen was never adored by the fans, her death was still too much. Season 5 was devastating for many reasons, but the way Ellen sacrificed herself to kill the Hellhounds and save hit where it hurt the most.The scene itself brings tears to our eyes every time we watch it.

4. Bela Talbot
Bela was far from a good girl, but she was a fascinating character. Her chemistry with Dean was unmatched, and fans were sad to see such a complex character go so soon.We were heartbroken when Bela died (though she had it coming). It’s a shame she never popped up in Hell somewhere down the road.

3. Jo Harvelle
We’ll say it like it is – Jo didn’t deserve to go the way she did. Sure, she died a hero’s death by saving Dean and the others, but she didn’t have to.

This character had so much potential and could’ve seen such tremendous growth in the seasons to come that we are still pissed that the writers killed Jo off like that.

2. Meg Masters
We ship Destiel as much as the next guy, but Castiel and Meg’s relationship was just heartwarming enough to make us want to die when she sacrificed herself and called Cas her “unicorn.”Meg had immense development over the seasons, but we wish she could’ve continued to be a pleasantly snarky presence in the Winchesters’ lives.

1. Charlie Bradbury
Charlie (the original one) was everyone’s favorite, and her death at the hands of Eldon was unnecessary, cruel, and unacceptable.After all these years, this loss still hurts the most, and not even Alternate Charlie can fill the hole left in our hearts (well, at least she survived in the end if that’s any consolation).

By Damyan Ivanov

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