Supernatural has featured hundreds of actors in its run, but the fans have forgotten many of them. It’s pretty evident that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have the most screen at the time, after all, they are lead characters in the show. Did you know that the total running time of Supernatural is 12240 Minutes and it would take a person 8 a total of 8.5 days to finish the show. So do you want to try the challenge of watching 15 years of content in 8 and half days?

But based on the screentime Stats compiled by the YouTube Channell ‘Screen Time Data‘, there are a couple of surprising insights. Jensen Ackles who played Dean Winchester has the most screen time on the show. Over the course of 15 seasons, and 320 episodes, Dean has a total screen time of 7 Days 9 Hours 36 Minutes which is astonishing. One would expect Sam to have a similar screentime with a bit of variation of 10-20 minutes, but there’s the screentime variation between them is unexpected.

1 Day = 1440 Minutes

1 Hour = 60 Minutes

So Dean has a total of 7 Days which translates to 10080 Minutes, 9 Hours Equals 540 Minutes, 36 Minutes = 10080 + 540+ 36 = 10656 Minutes

Sam Winchester has a total of 7 Days which translates to 10080 Minutes, 5 Hours Equals 300 Minutes, 20 Minutes = 10080 + 300+ 20 = 10400 Minutes

The difference is = 10656 – 10400 = 256 Minutes or 4.26667 Hours.

There is a total 2.43161% difference between the screen time of Sam and Dean Winchester which isn’t really significant considering the fact that they both are Dual protagonists.

It’s also no surprise that both actors have poured their heart and soul into the show. We people get exhausted after working 5 days a week but imagine these actors who have been continuously entertaining us for 15 years. Like the characters they portray, they have to be continuously on the road, away from their family and work through all sorts of physical and psychological problems for our entertainment.

Another interesting insight from the data is that Jack Kline has almost equal screen time to the character of Crowley. This comes as surprising because Crowley made its debut in Season 5 and has been a part of SPN up until Season 12 finale. Mark Sheppard was promoted to regular in the Show’s Season 10 and his character Crowley served as the main antagonist in Season 8. Whereas Jack Kline made his debut in Season 12 finale episode, the same episode which marked the final appearance of Crowley. Alexander Calvert has been part of the show for only 3 seasons, but his character Jack has been featured heavily in various storylines. There’s a total difference of 6.28813% in the screentime of Crowley and Jack.

If there’s any character who has the most screen time after Sam and Dean Winchester then it’s Castiel which isn’t much surprising. The character of Castiel first appeared in Season 4 Episode ‘Lazarus Rising’ where he revealed himself to be the angel who rescued Dean from the underworld. Castiel has a total screentime of 3129 Minutes which means he has a 25.56% screentime appearance percentage of the total whereas Dean has a total of 87.05% screentime appearance rate.

Something that nobody anticipated at the beginning of the show is that Mary Winchester would be among the ten characters with the most screen time. As Mary’s character met her demise in the first five minutes of the show, but she was brought back by Amara AKA Darkness in Season 11 finale. While fans have mixed reactions to the character of Mary. Some feel she was given unnecessary screen time and storylines whereas some appreciate the dynamics of Mary with other characters. Another interesting thing is that Mary has more screen time than Lucifer, she has a total of 208 minutes or 3.4 hours more screen time than the archangel Lucifer. Nobody could have seen that coming in the earlier seasons of the show as Lucifer was the primary antagonist in Kripke’s Supernatural arc. Although, Lucifer kept on appearing every now and then, with his motivations changing, until the final season.

Another integral character in the story of Supernatural is Bobby Singer who has a total of 1316 minutes of appearance in the entire Supernatural. This becomes interesting because Bobby’s character was not supposed to last long on the show. It was a temporary replacement created for Missouri Moseley, but eventually became a regular character on the show. It’s undeniable that Bobby’s addition has added a new dimension to the show, providing depth to the characters. So when his demise happened in Season 7, the fans were heartbroken as nobody saw that coming. Fortunately, Bobby kept appearing in the form of a spirit. In Season 12, we were introduced to the AU Bobby who resides in a universe where Sam and Dean are never born and it has been ruined due to the battle of the archangels where Michael emerged victorious.

Which character do you feel deserved more screentime? Are you satisfied with the screentime of your favorite SPN character or do you feel they didn’t get the adequate time? Do you think any character other than Winchesters deserved to be on par with the almost equal screentime as Sam and Dean.


By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.