The Big Bang Theory is arguably one of the best television series to binge anytime when it comes to consuming nerd-related content with a whole lot of hilariousness. Naturally, as a staple comedy show that revolves around science, The Big Bang Theory is a balanced combination of scientific puns and some cool scientific knowledge to educate fans, but, of course, with a pinch of salt. Obviously, the characters are written funny as well.

The Big Bang Theory brings a few socially awkward scientists, Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, and an engineer Howard together for hilarious banter and whatnot. Their love interests, Amy, Penny, and Bernadette, are an even undeniably excellent addition to the show. That said, however funny the show may be, The Big Bang Theory is even an awe-inspiring collection of romance and love. Here are some of the most amazing romantic gestures of The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon Proposing to Amy

Over the course of many Big Bang Theory episodes, no doubt, fans were mostly unaware of the romantic side of the nerdy Sheldon, and, truly, fans weren’t even sure if they would ever be witnessing it anytime soon. Thankfully, the addition of Amy changed Sheldon’s emotional quotient forever. In their relationship, there was one particularly cute moment that had the audience almost awestruck.

Indeed, in an amazing turn of events, Sheldon was kissed by another woman, which puts some sense in his head that he didn’t want to be kissed by anyone except Amy. What’s next, he delays no further and directly proposes to Amy, expressing his undying love in a true gentlemanly way. Legend says, fans still can’t get over Sheldon getting down on his knees to propose to Amy.

Howard Writes a Song for Bernadette

Howard may have come off as an off-putting The Big Bang Theory character, but the polarizing character arc he received after Bernie entered his life was a clear indication of how much love he harbored for his partner.

As such, when Bernadette misses their first-anniversary date as she is taken ill, to make sure she feels special, Howard, a true lover as he is, takes their date to the hospital. He decides to put his skills to use, composing and dedicating the most romantic song to her. A song summing up his feelings for his partner and how he can’t imagine his life without her. Truly, nothing could get any more adorable and romantic than this.

Raj Tries to Win Anu

Raj was the hopeless romantic of The Big Bang Theory. His only wish was to find a suitable partner and put his loneliness to an end. Indeed, he tried hard, too, and was very much eager to settle with Anu, a woman he met at his father’s request. Sadly, he manages to piss her off with his insecurities. True, he was wrong in his approach, and they were never an ideal match, but his emotions were pure in seeking genuine love.

And so, he tries to win Anu back in the most romantic way ever. Raj goes all Love Actually and holds a placard with cute messages and, of course, apologies. Unfortunately, things don’t pan out for them, and his life takes a full circle, yet the romantic efforts were something not to be ignored.

Leonard Gifts Snowflakes

Romance may not be one of the things that would have come naturally to Leonard, but he sure knew how to make his partner feel special. In fact, gifting as a language of love could be declared as his true forte. Evidently, Leonard gifts Penny the snowflakes that he got from his trip to the North Pole. Indeed, one can say this is a rare, uniquely sentimental gift one could ever give to their partner beecause, let’s face it, gifts from shops could never compare.

Howard’s Star Necklace to Bernadette

While there is no parameter to judge who was the most romantic of all in the Big Bang group, Howard sure came close to holding that title many times. Before his trip to space, as a parting gift to Bernadette, Howard gifts her a star. Nothing seemingly extraordinary, right? But that’s not all: he takes that star back from her and promises to take it along with him to space and re-gift her. That way, she would have held a star that has actually been to space.

Howard and Bernadette’s Marriage

No doubt, every Big Bang Theory character had a very memorable wedding ceremony, but what Howard and Bernie had was, in its truest sense, a one-of-a-kind wedding. It was perfect: officiated by best friends, celebrated by the ones he loved the most, photographed by Google satellite, and the oh-so-perfect wedding vows. Can any TV wedding get any intimate and beautiful as this?

Penny’s Box of Memories

Many women are sentimental, and when it comes to preserving old memories by saving mementos, there is no way they won’t go to lengths to do so. And let’s face it, Penny was no different in this regard. As the hopeless romantic she was, she had a box full of mementos from Leonard. Truly, the best to express how much he mattered to her, she had everything from plane tickets to thank you notes stored carefully as if her life depended on it.

Penny Gifts a Batmobile Ride to Leonard

If your partner knows exactly what you want, and they travel the extra mile to fulfill those wishes, then make sure they don’t slip away from you. Indeed, that’s how our Penny was. She knew Leonard was a comic geek, and so, being the lovable girlfriend she was, Penny pulls some threads and gifts her guy a Batmobile ride. No doubt, they made the perfect couple on the show.

Leonard Stands Up to Penny’s Ex

Leonard and Penny’s love was classic love-at-first-sight love, at least for our Lenny. So, when he saw Penny in trouble, not helping was never an option. He tasked himself to recover money from Penny’s ex, Kurt. Of course, at first, it may seem like a gesture any dear friend could service, but really it wasn’t that easy, especially for Leonard.

No doubt, Leonard was a courageous man who was under the impression he could take down Penny’s friend. But from a man twice his size, that cute stupidity can only be found when you are in love. Truly a gesture stealing Penny’s heart away — and, of course, of fans who were desperately rooting for the couple.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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