Days after the Supernatural series finale aired on The CW, creator Eric Kripke tweeted a screenshot of the original notes he typed up while outlining the show.

“I found my earliest #SPN notes. The start of the road as we reach the end,” Kripke captioned the image on Twitter.

“But nothing really ends,” he added. “We’re dragon slayers & gunslingers & we’ll take care of each other, #SPNFamilyForever.” Kripke also referenced a popular line from the series, adding, “Thanks for riding along. Driver picks music, shotgun shuts his cake hole. Love & thanks.”

In his notes, Kripke described the tone of the series as “an epic quest across America. Archetypal, mythic America.” He continued, “So that leads me to believe that this show is inherently a mythic quest, a hero’s journey, classic Joseph Campbell stuff. It’s STAR WARS, or LORD of the RINGS, in truck stop America.”

Kripke further described demon-hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester as “classic dragon slayers” and “gunslingers,” noting that he isn’t “crazy about the ‘search for somebody’ structure that so many of these shows seem to do.” He added, “They need a CORE mission statement that’s more direct…one that’s about finding and killing the things that go bump in the night.” The notes ended with the message, “So…I went for the most CLASSIC structure possible. Hero’s journey. Same plot as Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. Matrix.”

Kripke’s post came just days after he revealed that Supernatural fans would have hated the ending he had planned for the show had he stayed on as showrunner. “But I can assure the fans that my ending was so much darker than the ending they’re going with, so anyone who’s like, ‘Kripke should’ve ended it,’ I’m like, ‘You would’ve hated my ending!'” he said last week. “Because it was a horror movie and it was going to have a horror movie ending, so I can promise you the ending [they went with] you’ll love much more than if you had let me end the show.”

Kripke exited Supernatural as showrunner after the close of Season 5 in 2010. After his departure, Kripke explained, “I knew that we were closing this chapter and opening a new one. It felt like it was the right time to take a step back and focus on new projects, but still, keep my grubby little mitts in the show.”

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert. All 15 seasons are streaming now on Netflix.