Over the course of a staggering 15 seasons, the paranormal drama “Supernatural” was one of the landmark television shows of the early 21st century, developing a massive and passionate fandom that dominated sites like Tumblr during the height of its popularity.

Centered around two monster-hunting brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively), the show quite literally took fans from the depths of hell to the reaches of heaven and everywhere in between. Now that it’s over for good, a prequel show is in the works.

The brothers met plenty of interesting characters during the show’s run, many of whom went on to become series regulars. One such notable character is Crowley, a demon played by Mark Sheppard who appeared in 67 episodes of “Supernatural.” Originally born in the 1600s, he became a demon in death and eventually was promoted to King of Hell. Despite his fearsome reputation and title, Crowley maintained a strange relationship with the Winchester brothers, sometimes even offering them help as long as he got something out of the arrangement. In the end, he sacrificed himself to lock Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) away in another dimension, giving him a noble — and this time, permanent — death.

Crowley is responsible for some of the most delightful elements of the show. He’s the one who gives Sam the nickname “Moose.” Even at his most despicable, Sheppard maintained an element of charm in his portrayal of the character, endearing him to fans. Being an irritable man, moments of happiness were rare for Crowley, but here’s the scene “Supernatural” fans agree is his happiest moment.

Crowley loves a tropical drink with a tiny umbrella, and fans love seeing him happy

Season 10 of “Supernatural” finds Dean Winchester transformed into a demon due to the Mark of Cain, and he spends the first few episodes of the season hanging out with Crowley. The two are living the life of the party together, but Crowley knows that it’s only a matter of time before bloodlust overwhelms Dean and turns him into a killer. In the second episode, “Reichenbach,” the two sit down for a drink. Dean orders for both of them at the bar, saying, “Two shots here, and he’ll have something fancy with your tiniest umbrella.” Crowley gives Dean a surprised smile, and when something resembling a piña colada is placed in front of him by the bartender, he looks down at it with a grin before moving on with the conversation.

That fun little moment was posted to the official “Supernatural” subreddit by user u/livie3194 with the caption, “If this isn’t Crowley’s happiest moment on Supernatural, idk what is,” and other fans agreed. In a reply pointing out what a great moment of characterization the scene is, u/KurtyVonougat wrote, “You can tell that thats [sic] what he actually wanted, but didn’t want to be seen ordering it himself.” Speaking for “Supernatural” fans in aggregate, u/TheSkyeIsTheLimit03 commented, “And with that one smile, the rest of the Fandom smiled with him.” Hey, when you’re King of Hell, reasons to smile must be few and far between — so at least he got one in this episode.

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