Supernatural’s last moments are just a couple of weeks away, and a brand new teaser for the show’s finale episode is promising a high-stakes ending for the Winchester brothers.

Ahead of Supernatural’s conclusion later this month, The CW has released a teaser for its two-hour farewell to the long-running series, including a one-hour special titled ‘The Long Road Home’ and the show’s final outing, ‘Carry On’.

The official synopsis for the Supernatural finale gives little away, reading (via “After 15 seasons, the longest running sci-fi series in the US is coming to an end. Baby, it’s the final ride for saving people and hunting things.”

We wouldn’t expect anything less from Sam and Dean.

What we perhaps weren’t expecting was a recent admission from Jared Padalecki, who recently told fans that the series finale is his “favourite episode of all time”.

“[I] couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out,” he said of the episode, with his co-star Jensen Ackles agreeing that their final outing as the Winchesters is “a fantastic way for the show to wrap up”.

“The more that I thought about it, the more that I mulled over all the different possibilities of what could happen, and maybe what should happen, it’s interesting to think that I kept coming back to what ended up happening,” he said.