Supernatural season 15 is finally back on our screens in the US, but do you know what that means? That its end is drawing ever nearer.

As we move closer to the Supernatural series finale, Deadline has posed the all-important question, asking co-showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb how the long-running drama is actually going to end – and the answer is, not necessarily happily.

When asked if everyone’s favourite brother-hunter pair Sam and Dean Winchester could expect a happy ending, Dabb offered a word of caution.

“Well, I would say it wouldn’t be Supernatural if it was all happy,” he warned, leaving the door open for potential heartbreak – and a potential return to the franchise down the line, we hope.

In slightly more positive news, Dabb and Singer also revealed that viewers can expect the return of some “fan favourites” in season 15’s final episodes.

“I think we’ve brought some fan favourites back – some that we can reveal, some, probably not,” he teased. “I think we sprinkled enough of that in to make the audience happy.”

Confirming comebacks for both Charlie and Donna Hanscum, Dabb also hinted at a couple of more surprises. “There are a couple of other people who the guys have met along the way who will come back”, he said.

“[They will] play big, good, or if not good at least interesting, roles in what’s to come.” Intriguing…