Supernatural’s Sam and Dean Winchester have fought against all manner of opponents, up to and including God himself.

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But it turns out that the thing to finally stop them is COVID-19 (coronavirus) – at least temporarily. The worldwide lockdown situation has led to production on the show’s final two ever episodes being put on pause.

Still, in the typically plucky spirit of a show that has avoided cancellation a billion times, star Jensen Ackles thinks that production coming to a stop is actually a good thing.

situation we’re in, but the silver lining is that it gives us an opportunity to recharge.

“We had just finished episode 18, we shot one day of episode 19, and I was reading these two monster scripts thinking, ‘It’s like we’re at the end of a marathon and they want us to sprint for the last two miles’.

“I feel like this almost gives us an opportunity to refocus and go into the last two episodes and hit them with everything we got.”

The Dean Winchester star also added that one of the episode sees the brothers Winchester reunite with Charlie in what he calls “a very good episode”, adding that he doesn’t know when that particular Supernatural episode will air.

Supernatural airs on The CW in the US. In the UK, the show airs on E4

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