I have to say, the final season of Supernatural really isn’t disappointing when it comes to working in familiar faces. We got another one this week when Eileen’s ghost showed up and revealed that she’d been in hell and was able to escape when everything went down with Chuck. But seeing as how Eileen’s future isn’t looking great — ghosts either go crazy and hurt people or end up back in hell — she asks Sam and Dean for help. But unfortunately for her, Dean explains that souls from hell can’t go to heaven, something we learned with Kevin. And yet, Sam has another idea.

He wants to use one of Rowena’s crystals to create a prison just for Eileen. It’s not ideal, but it’s probably her best option. And when she agrees, Sam suggests a trip to Rowena’s old apartment. Dean, however, will be staying at the bunker and eating cereal while wearing his hotdog pajama pants. (It seems Dean hasn’t been doing much of anything — other than watching Scooby-Doo — since he found out God’s still at play.) So, Sam and Eileen head out.

But Rowena’s place isn’t exactly safe. Earlier in the episode, we watched a witch enter and end up dead. And by the time Sam and Eileen show up, we see that a couple of witches are watching his every move via one of Rowena’s mirrors. And yet, Sam makes it out just fine. And thanks to Eileen putting her ghost skills to use, they find Rowena’s stash hidden behind a bookcase. But when Sam goes to put everything in the Impala, he collapses. It seems those witches from before hid a hex bag on one of the tires. Before Sam collapses, he signs “my brother” to Eileen.

Here’s where we find out more about these witches: It’s a mother and her two daughters. (The oldest daughter is the one lying dead on the floor of Rowena’s apartment, but they intend to bring her back.) They’ve been watching Rowena’s apartment to see who could survive the hex. Apparently, Sam is the only one. Translation: Rowena left everything to him. And now, they want to use Sam to get everything they need out of Rowena’s apartment, so the younger sister, Emily, makes a voodoo-type doll of Sam and pokes and prods him until he does as he’s told. (And speaking of familiar faces, you might recognize the actress playing Emily: Jodelle Ferland starred in the season 1 episode “Provenance” as the little girl in the painting who had a penchant for murdering people.)

While Sam gathers everything out of the apartment, he and Emily compare annoying sibling stories. According to Sam, Dean once put superglue in his toothpaste, something I really think needed more explanation. That sounds … really painful?! But, of course, Emily’s stories are worse: Her sister once made her invisible for a week, tried to sell her soul to a demon, and even turned her tongue into a snake (which then bit her). I’ll admit, that’s all terrible, but I still think superglue in TOOTHPASTE is pretty bad.

Just as Sam’s about to leave the apartment, Dean shows up with a gun on mama witch. A fight ensues with Eileen taking on dead witch’s ghost, Sam and Emily going toe-to-toe, and Dean dealing with mom. In the end, Dean shoots Emily and Sam uses magic to take out the mom before Dean burns the dead one’s body.

And that takes us back to Eileen: Earlier in the episode, Sam remembered that Rowena had worked on a spell to make a spirit flesh again to help their mom. But she never finished it, and now, Sam thinks he can. He has Eileen get into a bathtub while he says the spell and by the time she emerges, she’s human again! So, if nothing else, at least Eileen gets a happy ending!

As for Sam, he ends the episode by telling Dean that they still have moves to make. They’ll find a way to beat God because “we’re the guys who break the rules.” But Sam makes sure that Dean knows that he can’t do it without him. “I need my brother,” he says.

While all of this was going down, we also caught up with Castiel, who’s been living in a cabin in a small town and going by Clarence, which of course is what Meg used to call him and the name he used when he was briefly human. And when a young boy’s body is found drained of its blood in his town, he starts to work the case on his own.

It doesn’t take him long to find the mother of another missing boy, but he hits a bit of a speed bump when the local sheriff doesn’t want to give him the files he needs. When the sheriff asks to speak to Castiel’s supervisor, Dean gets a call on Bobby’s old “FBI” phone, and he uses the opportunity to scald Castiel for not calling Sam back. “God’s back on the board, so watch yourself. And check your damn messages,” Dean tells him before hanging up.

The case leads Cas out to the lake, where he runs into Molly, the mother from earlier. He wastes no time in telling her that monsters are real — classic Cas — but together, they find her son. And it turns out, the monster is the sheriff, and he’s a djinn. He shoots Cas a couple times, but Cas quickly heals himself before stabbing the sheriff A LOT. (He’s got issues with men in power at the moment.)

Cas then uses his (dwindling?) powers to heal the boy’s ankle who doesn’t realize how perfect his “holy crap” response really is. Molly starts to inquire about Castiel’s story, but he assures her she’s better off not knowing.

Overall, I felt like this was a fine episode. It certainly wasn’t my favorite of the season, but I did love that Eileen got a happy ending.

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