In a new video teasing the Supernatural episode “Gimme More,” the star Alexander Calvert breaks down the murder investigation headed by Angel of the Lord Castiel and his adopted son, Jack, played by Calvert.

“In this episode, me and Cass get into some shenanigans at the… church slash food bank.” The actor then revealed that his favorite part of the episode was the subtle nods to the 1995 film, Se7en, by David Fincher. “Gimme Shelter” was directed by Matt Cohen, who also plays a young John Winchester.

“Gimme Shelter” premiered on Oct. 15. The episode follows Castiel and Jack attempting to solve a case — encouraged by Dean — while the Winchesters search for Amara, who recently left to be on her own after realizing how much she has changed in comparison to her twin, Chuck, the human form of God.

The CW’s Supernatural is currently in its final season. After a brief hiatus prompted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the season has resumed and has just four episodes left until the season finale, “Carry On.”

Starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert, the final episodes of Supernatural will air Thursdays on The CW. Fans looking to catch up can stream the first fourteen seasons of Supernatural on Netflix.