Supernatural: Check out Sam and Dean’s newest biblical ally in a promo VIDEO

The CW Network just shared a promo video for Supernatural’s Season 15, Episode 17, showing us Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) meeting the biblical character Adam. With only four episodes left of the hit supernatural-mystery series — leading up to the Winchester’s inevitable battle against God — it seemed only fitting that the … Read more

Supernatural star Alexander Calvert recently broke down Castiel and Jack’s upcoming murder investigation

In a new video teasing the Supernatural episode “Gimme More,” the star Alexander Calvert breaks down the murder investigation headed by Angel of the Lord Castiel and his adopted son, Jack, played by Calvert. “In this episode, me and Cass get into some shenanigans at the… church slash food bank.” The actor then revealed that … Read more

‘Supernatural’ – What would happen if God dies? (SPOILER)

In the Supernatural Season 14 finale, Sam and Dean Winchester royally pissed off God. The brothers were left reeling from both the deaths of their mother, Mary, and their Nephilim ward, Jack — at the finger-snapping hand of his own almighty grandfather, no less. And their moods weren’t exactly helped by Chuck’s irritation at his grand “story” … Read more