Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki has opened up about what happened the night of his arrest in Austin, Texas in October last year, where he was taken into custody on charges of public intoxication and assault with injury.

Appearing on the Inside Of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum, Jared said that the details of the night and the alleged assault were still hazy to him, but he felt “humbled” by the experience.

On the night of the arrest, Jared had visited a local bar in Austin where he allegedly assaulted two managers after a verbal altercation turned physical (via the LA Times).

Jared said that he was “a bit more affected than maybe I wanted to admit” by the alcohol he’d drunk and the lack of food and sleep that night.

“This is not an excuse, I don’t entirely know what happened, other than reading the reports,” he said.

“There were a couple of bachelorette parties and they were fans of the show and they were like ‘lets buy you a drink’… and I think I had too much to drink… and I legitimately don’t recall what happened.

“But I think what happened is I just was blacked out – didn’t know what was going on. I saw me getting pulled down by my hair in the video and then I think I thought I was in a fight,” he added.

“I thought I was being attacked, I thought I was being shoved and pushed…”

Reflecting on the experience, Jared stated: “I haven’t had a drink since… that is not who I am.”

He discussed the possibility that he could potentially have been drugged, but stated that he’s “not an excuses kind of guy, I hate excuses”.

He also called the video of his arrest “hard to watch” and added that that night has “definitely informed my life since then”.