Jared Padelecki recently posted some spoilers for Season 15 of Supernatural. The show, which is now coming to an end after 15 phenomenal seasons, has gotten the audience excited. The audience believes that the finale season for Supernatural may be unpredictable and are thus eager to know how the story ends.

Amid all the excitement among fans, Jared Padelecki took to social media to share a no context spoiler with his fans. Taking to Twitter initially, the actor posted an image with a caption that hinted how season 15 of Supernatural might end. Fans replied to this post on Twitter with similar reactions.

Jared Padelecki began his tweet by posting an image of a signboard that had the word “It will end in tears” written all over it. Thus the actor hinted that the season finale will be an emotional one. In the caption for this image, Jared Padelecki mentioned that this is a spoiler for Season 15 of Supernatural.

Further on, the actor jovially said that regardless, people still know him to be a cry baby. This joke was in reference to the times his character has cried on the show.

Fans in the comments section of the post did get quite emotional as the show will be going off air after a long time. Supernatural is currently one of the most loved shows as audiences have praised its unique and imaginative premise. Thus, knowing that the final season will end in tears, fans got a bit emotional and started speculating if they will be tears of joy or sadness. To clear this up, Katherine Ramdeen commented that Jared Padelecki meant that it will be tears of joy.

Thus, fans got a bit relieved, however Supernatural is known for its twists and thus fans are expecting the show to go out gracefully. Several comments came pouring in where fans expressed how overwhelmed they have been feeling knowing that the beloved show will soon end with the arrival of Season 15.

Source: republicworld.com